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Happy Birthday, Moxie!!
Only 33, and yet so wise. I hope this year is fantastic.

El Grande

Her wisdom is put in much bolder relief when you consider that I am 40 and thick as cold pea soup.


happy birthday to moxie! and welcome to the 33 club! i hope your day is great and the cake is nothing but crumbs by midnight.

i am jealous that you share a day with my all-time-favorite, but hey, i've got barry white (RIP) and drew barrymore as company, so i'm not hanging out on 2/22 all by myself.

NC made a cake for me on my birthday proper, but i'm about to make hummingbird cake as a belated happy birthday to myself. i figure i'm less than a week late on that task, so it's technically still a birthday cake.

Lisa V

Happy Birthday!! You are a mere pup! Have a wonderful day.

Brooklyn Girl

Happy birthday!


Happy birthday!

Brooklyn Mama

Happy Birthday!!! I'm in the 33 club too, and Johnny is a very cool person to share a day with. I only share my birthday with Gandhi - booooring. (Kidding. Kidding!)

Hope it has been a great day.


Happy Birthday!

Mine is Weds. Ash Weds. So not fair. My 21st birthday was also on Ash Weds.


Have a great day!


Happy Birthday.
In your honor, I ate 2 birthday cakes today. Well, slices from 2 different birthdays, and both were at parties for friends of JR's, but hey, they were both "Princess" cakes.


Happy Birthday! It's my birthday too - I'm 30 today. I've been lurking for awhile, and just wanted to drop a note to say Happy Birthday!


A very happy birthday!!! Here's to hoping it's the quirkiest of cakes...I want to see me some Moxie photos!!


Hope you had a happy birthday and that the cake was delicious!


Happy belated! Hope it was a good one.

Linda B

Happy 33rd!

Jen (yup, another one)

Many happy returns!


Oh happy birthday, a day late!
You deserve a stupendously happy birthday - thank you for everything you are, and how much you give your stalkers ; )


Happy Birthday, Moxie! We're in the 33 club together!


Happy Birthday. I hope it's a wonderful day!


Hau'oli l hanau! Enjoy your day!


the happiest of birthdays to you!


Happy Birthday, Moxie!!


Oooh - happy birthday! I love nclceake photos. And all the others. The fire hydrant made me think of our vacation last year - after hating the beach, Jack loved fire hydrants, and I documented him loving on them in every city we stopped for lunch in. :)


You can't spoil my sister's biadthry by telling her that I'm cuter! It's bad enough for her being so much older. Besides, I haven't actually confessed that it's me yet - tho' the fact that another sister posted it on Facebook without my knowledge and captioned it 'Cheeky Kerry' does somewhat give the game away!


I've been such a slack commenter, but these coealgls are divine! They are just begging to be printed up as 12x12s. Are you doing the I heart faces photo walk in June?? I just signed up!

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