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There's nothing wrong with saving boxes--they come in handy when moving--I always put everything back in its box when I move. My parents bought me a tv when I was 10, and we moved it from NJ to Hawaii in the original packaging two years later, and then eight years after that they shipped it to me at college in the original box (although the styrofoam had been lost by then) and I only threw it away last year because it sort of started falling apart... um... but then I have a garage. In the exurbs of SoCal.

Brooklyn Girl

Damn. You called out my lazy ass and everything.

Well, as I just stepped on the scale for the first time since immediately post partum, clearly something needs to happen in these parts.

I'll mull it over.


i've been saying i am going to start running again for exercise and not doing it. this could be a great motivator. and when i say "running again" i use the term loosely. : )

i'd run with you on may 6th but i don't think we live anywhere near each other for training purposes. would that still work?


I don't see how we could possibly coordinate training schedules anyway, with four kids among us in the equation. So maybe we can just harrass each other to train, and then run together on the day?

Anyone else?


I'd love to do this 5K! I'm not a runner and I've decided to shoot for the goal of doing a sprint triathlon by the end of the summer. Looks like there's a good group of motivational/accountability going on here. If you need an awesome site for help on weight loss and additional motivation go to (if you reference that I sent you I get extra points but I don't care about the points...I care about people getting the bodies they want!) I've lost 20 lbs with it in 3 months so far...very safe and very flexible.


My hubs is a box saver too. I used to secretly throw them out, until our computer broke and I was busted, since I didn't have the packaging to send it in for repair.

Good luck on the training, I'll be working out every day and following your progress. I don't live any where near you to do the 5K with you, but I'll be looking for something similar in my area!


Ok, I will bite...I live in Queens I would be happy to do a 5K on 5-6 with me with the details.

I can not believe I am saying this.


tara: where in queens are you? i just moved here. this just might be crazy enough to work. heh.


Jacks: I am in Kew Gardens...I just registered!! Also, welcome to the boro!

Moxie: I blame you for every curse I utter between now and May 10 (time for re-coop) LOL...I am excited!!


I like the term RL friend. I hope my sleep-deprived brain can remember it!


My husband saves all the electronics boxes, too. We have Apple (computer) boxes for stuff we don't even own anymore.


Training Blog -- is that like a training bra?

Sorry -- that's what went through my mind when I first read the title . . .

training blog (n)a practice blog for new bloggers before they're allowed to blog in public.



MFA Mama

OMG Husband does that, with the boxes. And has returned things...shall we say late in their life? At least it's not goldfish.


I actually found this more etnetraining than James Joyce.


I thohugt finding this would be so arduous but it's a breeze!


Full of salient pontis. Don't stop believing or writing!


And I was just wondeirng about that too!


Awsomee you should think of something like that


Holy Toledo, so glad I clkeicd on this site first!


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