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anon lurker

I am afraid, Moxie, that someone already outed you on El Grande's site. I didn't know you blogged either until I was reading comments from DeLurking day to find out where people were from. I only read a few and you were outed not once, but twice. Just so you know.


Aaiieeeee! Wait, I changed my mind about the aged eggnog picture.

I wonder if the whipped egg whites are part of the problem. What would happen if you started with yolks and then added whipped whites when you were ready to serve it? It makes sense to me that whipped whites would separate after a year in the fridge, forming those lovely two top layers.

Although-- that bottom layer does not look particularly yummy either. Maybe a second buttload of rum is called for.


Did you try pouring that into a blender and tasting it? I think it's going to separate no matter what you do.

I'll "run" with you. If you haven't been running in a while, you should probably start with a run/walk plan. If you don't have one handy, let me know and I can dig up a link for you.


congrats to you both on your exciting fundraising! i love heifer int'l- what a great idea. i am just delurking (a little late!) to express my concern about buying flocks of chicks in this era of avian flu.... just a thought. maybe a goat is a safer bet? We don't know how fast or how soon the disease will spread and it might be a good idea not to encourage too much dependence on fowl.


Hey, Anonymous Lurker, thanks for the heads-up. I was just about to go in and carefully excise all mention of me in El Grande's comments, but then I read this post that Elizabeth linked to, and decided to just leave it. I can't live my life in fear, although I sincerely hope you're not my mother-in-law.

Elizabeth, yes, I need a run/walk plan. I had no idea there was such a thing, so that makes me think I need one. I went out and ran 0.6 mile (12 blocks) this morning. My plan was to add 0.1 (2 blocks) every time I run, until I get up to 3.5 miles or so.

I've also realized that I need new shoes, and a new running bra (do they make nursing job bras? do I relaly need one?).

Marianita, if anyone in the animal husbandry world is going to know what to do vis a vis chicks and avian flu, it's the Heifer people. I may go with bees instead, but I trust that if I do choose chicks they'll just pick something else if they think chicks are too dangerous for the population theyd be giving them to.

Jamie and ELizabeth, I pulled the bottle out of the refrigerator and looked at it. I said, "Do you think I should open this?" And my mother and brother both yeled, "Not in the house!!" So I didn't even open it outside.


I was low carbing way back when Naomi was under a year old. I foudn my milk supply was *much* more plentiful if I ate some low-glycemic fruit, like grapefruit or strawberries. Adding fruit to the diet also helped a lot in dealing with my incurable sweet tooth.


Just saw your comment about running: here's a really good run/walk plan
I used it and it works very well, and it's not too hard.

New shoes might help prevent (or at least lessen) the getting-started pains of running (like shinsplints and knee pain). You should get as much cushioning as you can because you will be running on concrete (correct?), which is very unfogiving.


Hey Moxie!

Here's another rec for a running plan:

I used his plans to train for a 10-mile run. This coming from someone who could barely run the mile in gym class in high school, now I'm training for my third 10-miler! My only advice is to run with someone else... as much as I love the effects of running, I don't love the process. It helps make the time go by faster if someone is with you. Good luck!


My family makes incredible egg nog at Christmas -- the recipie is basically the one out of the Joy of Cooking (the original version, not the updated version). The basics are that you cream the sugar and egg yolks, add the cream and booze (slowly, otherwise you curdle the eggs), and then fold in the whipped egg whites at the end. You will need to let it sit and "cook" (the liquor cooks the raw eggs) for a few days, but during that time you need to give it periodic stirring to prevent the layering result you got with yours. I highly recommend it -- rich, but OH SO GOOD!


Hey Moxie,

There are several good running plans out there, but since you're from NYC, I suggest you go to the NY Road Runners' website and check it out.

I ran in the NY Marathon twice and their marathon training plan was incredibly helpful. I can't run now because my knee is injured and it's very painful to walk on it, otherwise I would also offer to train with you for the 5k.

But good luck! I loved running with all my soul and I mourn the loss of being able to run almost every day of my life. People think it's stupid when I say that sometimes, but it becomes a huge part of your life and your accomplishments.


Unless you plan on nursing at the same time you are running - you can probably get away with a regular jogging bra. ;)

Brooklyn Girl

I'm very impressed by the 5K plan and second Ariella's Road Runners recommendation. I did a running clinic with them a couple (okay, 10) years ago and thought it was really helpful--if only for the routine and the company.


Run with you -- no, but I will "cyber-cheer" you all along the way!


Moxie, here's another vote for the hal higdon plan. It took me from being a 55 year old couch potato 5 years ago to a finisher in two half marthons as of last April. I'm starting training for my next one in May, so I'll be 'running' with you, too. I'm actually so slow that I walk as fast as I run, so my race times are very, very slow, but I'm there at the finish line. So remember that you have at least one 'old lady' running with you from out here in the Pacific Northwest!


Eggnog: how about a cooked eggnog? The whipped whites will probably separate, but you might not get the extreme layering:
It calls for two egg, separated, but I'm going to try it with three next year.

Running: Check out the running/walking forum on the Team Estrogen (women's sports retailer) discussion forum:
Great forums, very supportive, lots of women who went from couch potato to athletic.



Congrats on the fundraising for Heifer! Consider purchasing the rabbits, too. They are easy to keep in the backyard and are less likely to be at risk of slaughter from bird fly in the coming years.


**PLEASE** let me know which race you are doing. i will do it with you. i mean, i will seriously run next to you, ok? and if you have ANY questions about training for it and feeling prepared, let me and J know. we can provide with week by week suggestions for training. we actually just did this for my mom as her xmas present. actually, i would offer to get an outline plan set up for you and you could post it on the blog if you want and share it with the world. i would even get up and meet you in manhattan to run once a week or something, if you wanted. i am totally into supporting the newbie runner into sticking with it and gaining confidence, so please take advantage of me if you think it will help.

btw, today i just ran a race up the steps of the GE building at rockefeller center. 69 flights in 14 minutes and 30 seconds. :)


Doesn't Heifer Int'l put the money in a big pot and use it for whatever they need to use it for? I thought I read that in the fine print of one of their catalogues. In other words, the donation might be enough for half a llama, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the money actually goes towards the purchase of half a llama. It might go toward bees or cows. Has anyone else read/heard about this?


I will! (Waving my hand in the air). I'll train with you. I need all the help I can get!!

We've got a contest going on my site, some see if your interested.


Am I the only person in the universe who didn't know that LOD is so closely related to Moxie?! Read your post just before bed last night and then had to go in and tell my slumbering bedfellow all about it.
Good luck with the running, I'd join you but Australia is too far away...


Great airtlce but it didn't have everything-I didn't find the kitchen sink!


I had no idea how to approach this boerfe-now I'm locked and loaded.

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