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Lisa C.

Eko is really an amazing character. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's presence on the screen is mesmerizing. I, too, loved the bad boy persona - especially that sleeveless leather frock coat he was wearing. Wowza.

I am actually finding the new cast's backstories far, far more compelling than the main cast's, with the possible exception of Jin and Sun. Both Ana and Eko's stories have been rich, emotional, and compelling.


I thought he was hotter when he had the twisties and the facial hair.....and he was a little sweaty. Yummm


I'm just delurking to say hi. :-)


I thought he was sexy before the backstory. Now, I can't take my eyes off of him! Definitely my favorite Lost character now.

Brooklyn Girl

I saw an interview with the woman who plays Kate, and she said something about how she was enjoying the backstories of the "Tailies"--which is what they call the people from the back of the plane. I don't know why I find that so charming, but I do.


Did you see the images hidden in that eerie cloud of black smoke? Man, I love TiVo's slo-mo feature.


Surcie, no! What were they? I thought it was very cool that the camera went into the cloud, but I didn't see any images.


Thank you 1) for talking about Lost, which I love. No one else around here does, which leaves me searching the TWOP forums instead of dishing, which I would rather do, and 2) for giving me somewhere to find out what happened on ER while I was snoozing!


Yeah, there were images in the smoke. On the TVWP forums there's much talk about what exactly they were. God bless the people with Tivo.

Also, Eko may have replaced Sayid as my Lost boyfriend. Yum=sleeveless leather thingie.



Check out this URL for images in the smoke around Eko.

And also, Eko? Swoon-worthy, as Naked Ovary Karen would say.


No! No! You must hide the Lost discussion -- or at least label it prominently -- for those of us watching Season 1 on DVD. Already I know too much!


PS, hope this comes across as light and amusing, which it was meant to be, and not bitchy and whiny, which is my usual personality.

Midwestern Deadbeat

I'm coming in late on this discussion, but I couldn't resist adding an enthusiastic "hell yes!" concerning Mr. Eko. I've only seen Lost 3-4 times, but wow, Mr. Eko alone is a reason to keep watching. I like him any old way--nappy-haired, sweaty, with corn rows, bad boy, priest.... Mmm mmm good.


I love reading these articles because they're short but infmorative.


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