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Long time reader, lazy commenter here. Yay for all things Moxie.


Not that I commented much before, but Bloglines has made it even worse!

Love the site, love the new Q&A site (which I do have a question for...I suppose I'd better run over there to ask while I'm thinking of it).

Thanks for the great reading!


Lurker delurking..


Delurking here... I've been reading your blog since pre-El Pequeno days. Love your blog and best wishes to you and your family!


Have I commented here before? I have no idea. Delurk. Hello.



I read and commiserate (even if I can't spell)



Long time lurker, delurking to say hi.


I've commented a few times, but mostly just read.


Delurking...I love your blog;)


Another long time lurker delurking. Hi! Love your blog and your new blog.


Hi, Moxie!


i'm contemplating leaving (public) bloglandia for good. so even though i'm not delurking, i'm passing along what might be an unexpected comment.


Yes, I lurk, and laugh and enjoy your writing style.


I lurk because I never knew how to comment--the URL stumped me. Embarassing. Also because I'm older than most everyone! Should be in the grandma group, but am not yet. I natural birthed and breastfed back in the early 70's and got lots of feedback about what a weirdo I was. I'm interested in the struggles mothers face now; I work with very young children and have just never lost my interest in parenting. Thanks, Moxie, for letting me know what moms are thinking in the 21st century.

Bella Donna

Delurking. Long time reader. Not a great commenter.


I read regularly (and enjoy), but rarely comment.


I'm an infrequent visitor, a Canadian mom to 5 year old triplets. I like your stories of the kids. I think I found you via your comments on Julie's and Tertia's, and other parenting after i/f blogs.
Best wishes,


Hey there. You're part of a group of blogs of people I'd like to grow up and be. Plus, you're originally from Minnesota, and people from near the motherland are pretty cool. Plus, your reading list rocks.


Lurker delurking- I love your blog! No kids yet, but hoping for them soon. I love the glimpse into motherhood- thanks for the laughs and the lessons!


Not really a lurker, just lazy. I read you to see if I were a good mom, what it would look like.

Keep up the good mothering!


i like delurking week :) lets face it i only comment about once every 3 months - somehow the writing part of my brain responds badly to the sleep deprivation - but i read, boy do i read...


I'm not sure if I've commented before... But I really like the idea of delurking week. I should go round all the blogs I read and leave a comment!

I love reading your blog, thank you.


Hi! I lurk because I never know what to say, and its happening again right now!

Claire Gee

Delurking from Melbourne, Australia.
I love reading about the differences in other countries, as much as I enjoy reading that the issues facing mothers are largely similar.
Moxie, from reading your blog, you sound like a great Mum, with a big heart.


I never leave comments on blogs.i don't talk much in real life either.

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