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Linda B

I think that is me and my child in that cartoon...


more validation! i tried to present the gist of your cartoon at the last lll meeting i led on nighttime parenting, and got a lot of blank stares. i could just see the moms shaking their heads on the way out, thinking "geesh, that was *so* unhelpful!"

Jen P

Could I send this to my coffee group because it seems I'm the 'only' one whose child doesn't sleep through the night and obviously incompetent?

Night wakings don't bother me until it's 9 times a night OR those women start accusing me of spoiling my baby by letting her need me in the night. Then I feel pretty damn worthless as a whole. Sleep depreived and worthless.

beaver girl

i love this. a lot.


You all can send this or hand this out to anyone you want to, as long as you leave my name and copyright attached to it. If you want to add the URL, feel free.



Jen (yup, another one)

Wow - I thought it was a cartoon you'd found, not CREATED, until I saw your comment! What don't you do? You're awesome! :)


Thanks Moxie. LOL...after last night's continuation of Sleep Wars 2006, I needed to laugh.


Well, I can't draw, which you can see. I'm all about ideas. Execution, not so much.


Too true! Too true!

Brooklyn Girl

I needed this.


If only being sleepless didn't do such a number on my attitude....Guess I need to increase my flax oil pill consumption. :-)


Hell yeah. Heeeellllll yeaaaah.


Umm. Moie, think you're great but that so utterly pisses me off. I used Ferber, love Ferber, and would still be tearing my hair out with a baby who was taking three hours to get down to bed at night and Not. Napping. Ever. if I hadn't. I am sick to death of getting looked down my nose at by "attachment parents" for doing it. Fine for them if they can handle an at-home paid job, a house and a husband who works 10-12 hours a day without a break EVER, but I am not that person and stop fucking judging my "attitude problem" please. We're all MUCH happier now we're getting sufficient sleep.


Great cartoon, Moxie!

boxing octopus

AmyinMotown, I think you've misread the cartoon, and also that you need to dial down the defensiveness a few notches. What's going on with you that you feel so personally affronted by a cartoon that is *clearly not about you*??


AmyinMotown, I'm sorry if my cartoon offended you. The point is that Ferber pathologizes the way babies sleep. If all babies sleep in short cycles, then it's normal baby development, not a "sleep problem." By calling it that Ferber makes parents think there's something wrong with their child, instead of wondering why the hell we live in a society where anyone expects a mother to deal with an at-home paid job, a house, and a husband who works 12 hour days.

There's nothing wrong with your baby. There's nothing wrong with you. You did what you had to do in the situation you were in. We should all be mad at the forces that tell us it's normal to raise children in such an isolated crucible. And we should reject anyone who tells us are children are lacking just because they're following normal developmental timelines.


I loved your cartoon - just hilarious, brilliant woman.


Moxie, thanks for a much nicer response than I probably deserved....and I will admit to reading exactly *one* chapter of the Ferber book, where he explains the method. I read every other "big" sleep book and it made me cry with frustration, so I got the meat of Ferber and that's it.


i like it 2!


I wish the baby's book said something like "Solve our capitalist society's anti-family labor practices" instead. I know you're not being critical of me, and I'm not taking it personally, really, I'm not. It's just that I work full time, my husband works full time, and we've sat down and worked on a budget, and we just can't make do without my salary. And I just don't see a way out of it. And I think part of the reason my 13 month old still wakes multiple times per night to play or to cry or to nurse for HOURS is because we are gone a lot during the day. And that's why we don't ferberize her and we co-sleep with her, etc. But I'm just too darn tired to find that funny at all.


Aw, J...if it's any consolation...I am a SAHM, and my husband works from home, so we basically spend ALL day with Madam. We also cosleep and wear her all the time...and she STILL wakes up multiple times (and I mean around 8-9 times a night) to nurse or play or cry or whatever. So maybe this is just yet ANOTHER developmental stage? Hope you get some very well deserved sleep soon.


LOL! This cracked me up, big time. =)


Came through jo's recent post -- and I love your cartoon. I'm going to remind myself of that when it's 2 a.m. in the morning (and 4, and 5, and 6. . . )


oh my god, you guys dont get any sleep eigther? i thought it was just me... moxie, i understand the greatness of the just lie policy but maybe we need a 'come out of the closet' day once a year about how badly our children sleep and eat and share toys...

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