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I know what you mean about the toddler speak. My oldest son is 3.5 and I'm noticing some of the mispronunciations disappearing. It's sad in a way, but on the other hand, just part of growing up and something to be proud of.

Brooklyn Mama

I know! Ping is already losing some of those sweet little words (like saying "Zep" instead of "Yes" and "Bike-a-cyl") - and will probably lose more after she goes to school (which - gulp! - starts tomorrow). I'm so glad El Chico's preschool experience is going so well, for both of you!


delurking to say - record those toddler phrases! they're so cute and once they're gone you'll forget. We have recordings on our mac of our (now 16 year old) "roaring" like a lion when she was less than 3. I treasure them.


I miss the toddler-speak too. Sigh. But the conversations with the big kid get so interesting (or instresting, as Muffin Man says)


Oh boy, I hear you. P began to grasp and shake toys and D and I were all "ARgh! Our little girl is growing up too soon!"
Speech is limited to "OooooOOOOUMMMM EEhhhOUUAA: for now, though, which at 4 mos is as good as it probably gets.

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