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lawks, i don't watch ER so i don't have anything to compare this episode to, but, damn, that sounds dumb and irresponsible.

Heather Ann

Boy, it fries me that I missed that - was putting my 3 year old to bed. I never miss E.R. I had a planned homebirth turn into an emergency ride to the hospital this summer because of a single footling breech undiscovered until 40 minutes before the birth. I was transferred for a C-section but my 9 7 lb daughter was delivered by the 5th year resident with the calmness of the calmest midwife. The anaesthesiologist on the other hand was wetting his pants.

Lisa V

Yes I found the whole thing pretty unbelievable. Bad storytelling all around. Implausable idea, and characters that you can't really identify with because they are all so unlikable.


Wow, Heather Ann. Wow. What an amazing learning experience for everyone there. (And the episode was so wrong for so many more reasons. It was obviously written by someone who'd never had a baby.)


The whole thing seemed unbelievable - did you see how she was behaving, as she was apparently delievering? I didn't bite.

I was, however, yelling at the resident. Oh my god. How dare he.

What? I get into tv shows too much? You must be kidding...


Totally agree with everything. Also, as if they would leave a laboring patient in the ER?


I've read multiple comments on ER from medical professionals who agree "NO WAY would that woman be in the ER to deliver."

They'd rather a woman deliver in the elevator on the WAY to L&D than in the ER, if possible.

The SECOND the resident saw that foot hanging out, that patient would have been up to the L&D floor so fast she might have gotten whiplash on the gurney, and she would have been handed directly over to the OB staff, who hopefully would have had some idea what to do next. Like maybe MONITOR her for CORD PROLAPSE?

ER has had accuracy issues with infertility, pregnancy, and labor/delivery since day one. Anyone remember Mark Greene keeping a pre-eclamptic woman in the ER rather than sending her to L&D for monitoring and ending up doing an emergency C-section in the ER with only one helper? That would have been about episode 10 of the very first season. Yuck

Sarah L

I am so glad someone picked up on this awful awful episode. Gettup Grrl, in the old days, would have scathed this thing up one side and down the other.

I was so offended, on behalf of Sarah the surrogate. Good Lord. Also, reading Jo's birthstory, where in she, who wanted so badly to have an unmedicated birth, was ready to do a c-section if neede, really brought home to me how absolutly unreasonalbe the portrayl of all of the characters were. Also, the parents. Oy. As if real peole just walk abway from babies.
However, I thought that the resident was the only one showing good judgement, and that Sam, the nurse was more at fault for so storngly contradicting the advice of the ob and the resident.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!


I gave up on ER when the helicopter fell on Romano. Sounds as though I'm not missing anything by tuning into ABC and CBS on Thursday nights instead. Moxie, there are plenty of pretty boys over on CSI and Without a Trace...

sara, that 1st-season episode, "Love's Labors Lost," was inaccurate on many levels...but it was also the episode that really put ER on the map and is still talked about today. I now know that that scenario is something that would never happen in real life, but I didn't know that the first time I saw the episode, and I found it to be a real punch in the gut that hooked me on the show for many years. My guess is that the show was trying to go to the "baby in trouble" well again because it passed "creatively tapped out" long long ago. Too bad the result was so horrendous. "Love's Labors Lost" at least had character reactions that felt real. I think ER has lost that.


ER sucks now. I stopped watching years ago when Abby and Carter were still together. After 3 years of Level 1 Trauma Center nursing experience, all the many, many, many inaccuracies just gnaw at me. Uck.


Oh my goodness that episode just freaked me the heck out. I was so disturbed on so many levels I can't even tell you. Blech.


A helicopter fell on Romano? I thought it just chopped an arm off or something.


Christine, Romano's arm was chopped off - then, several episodes later, another helicopter crashed onto him. In the ambulance bay.

And folks worry about realism??


Two helicopters fell on Romano? Good lord. Glad I stopped watching when Clooney left!


Anna, yes, TWO helicopters fell on Romano. His death wasn't even noticed for a while. I loved Romano -- yes, he was a sexually harassing bastard, and in real life I probably would have hated him, but it was a TV show and I loved his snarkiness -- but even if I hadn't, the SECOND helicopter would have been too much for me.

So yeah, no more ER for me. Much easier that way.


Since my official position in a few weeks, according to medical records, will be gestational surrogate, I freaked out at the preview. But then we watched it. And agreed it was too stupid.

Maybe it's time to take up Lost and abandon ER?

Brooklyn Mama

I'm with Marion. It was those attack helicopters that did me in.

Oh, and I'm right there with you on Lost.


It totally sucked, I couldn't dedicate my full attention to it since I had guests, but... I've watched from the beginning and I have no plans to stop. I have to see it through until the end now.

Plus, Abby is HOT. Love her.


I was so disappointed. After their somewhat realistic portrayal of delivering a stillborn (Carter's baby), I was hoping for some more responsible storylines. It really pissed me off to see the whole arena of infertility dealt another blow of public misportrayal (if that's a word).


Don't even get me started on their portrayal of extended breastfeeding the week before!

I watch it, but with a magazine or something else in hand. Lost, on the other hand, commands my full attention.


Hi ladies,
I too agree on how unbeivable (sp) that story line was. WhenI got done watching it I was just shaking my head.
However, to someone who said "real parents don't walk away from their kids" - actually they do. I've had three children, all were in the NICU and in both NICU's (two babies were in one state another was in another) the nurses told me about parents who walk out on their kids. Usually it's because they wanted perfect kids, but sometimes it's just because they can't afford a NICU baby and think it would be better off without them.
I don't think of these people as "real parents", since a real parent loves and nurtures their children, however since they did give birth they are parents.
Just thought I'd share that with ya'll!


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