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Lisa C.

Here are a few from my own life:

Being poor is digging through the couch for spare change at the end of the month to buy milk.

Being poor is leaving your child in an abusive situation because you absolutely have to go to work.

Being poor is making that last roll of toilet paper last because you can't buy more.

Being poor is going to bed hungry.

Being poor is having your child almost die because you can't afford a doctor's visit.

I am no longer poor. But I was that free lunch kid. And you get so razzed for it. Likewise with the church poor box clothes.

Things I have learned: when I buy stuff for charity donations I buy new, brand name stuff. Recently we had a charity drive here at work for school supplies and I made sure that the stuff I donated was the same as all the other kids' stuff. That way no one will ever know it was a donation.


Me too. Thinking about shutting the blog down altogether.


Katrina has been a wake-up call for me, too. In my sheltered little suburban bubble, I don't have to think about what it's like to be truly poor. Meanwhile, God's children are quietly living and dying in deplorable poverty...and not just in some distant country, but right here in my own city. Since Katrina, I have been thinking more and more that God has given me the resources that I have so that they can be used to help others, and I need to do a lot more than I'm currently doing.

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