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I am so glad you made it to safety and that all turned out just fine. Aaron McGruder has been my favorite for quite awhile I am so excited about the animated series!


I feel for the "Lost" obsession. My roommate just introduced me to it a few weeks ago, when the DVD came out. I AM HOOKED. It really doesn't help that midterms are dangerously close.

I've been lurking for awhile, actually, and meaning to read about half the books you recommend. And, if I lived in New York, I'd totally offer to baby-sit your boys. They seem like oodles of fun.


Don't go to
Do not get the 30 day trial...

Even though it is cheap, I'm trying not to let myself purchase it. It was way too seductive.


I'm so glad you are all ok! What a stresser. Thanks for the link to the Boondocks. I needed that. Charlie decided to subsribe the small town paper in our area and they include ONLY the least funny comics on the planet. I'm talking Born Loser, people. And Marmaduke. And Broomhilda. And Frank and Ernest.

Even Garfield would be a relief, but he's not included.


I made the woman in the next cubicle at work start watching Lost so I would have someone to obsess about it with. I even let my 12-year-old stay up and watch it and get freaked out just so I could talk about it someone. Then he wouldn't go down the hall to his bedroom by himself last Wed. night because "Walt might be down there." Um, and I laughed. I'm a horrible mother.


Too too much excitment!

I hear people talk about Lost all the time... It seems like maybe we need to catch up with everyone else? Pretty much all the new shows on tv look like things that will freak me out too much. Crime and ghosts and aliens...

But maybe Lost might be good? Certainly seems like it!

Lisa C.

I think Lost is my biggest TV obsession since The X Files, which was my religion from 1994-1998 (when it started sucking).

Tonight's episode looks awesome!


Yowza. Fires in buildings where lots of people live close together are scary. I'm glad everyone is o.k.. What is your neighbor going to do with his bathroom toasted?

I watched "Lost" as much as I could last season, but have missed all the episodes this season so far. What time is it on? I must be gone or something. It's a GREAT show.


I LOVE LOST! I wait for Wednesdays all week! LOL! However, I'm getting frustrated that they won't answer more questions quickly! LOL! I guess it keeps me tuned in! My mom also watches it, as does my husband - so I have LOTS of people to obsess about it with! LOL!


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