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I use cloth diapers and I have a lot of opinions. What is your project that you are working on?

I'm sorry to be so direct after such a beautiful post, but I have nothing to add. :)


glad you posted, i've been thinking about you.

tell el chico we said good luck on his first day of school. can we please have brunch together soon, chez nancy?


This is going to sound weird, but you are the best person I don't actually know. I'm always awed by you.

And I'd love to know what your cloth diaper project is.


I admire you.


i adore you.


Delurking to say that I hope the blog is one of the things sapping your energy, because I would be sad if you dropped it. And ditto to all the above comments, except that I no nothing about cloth diapers except what I've learned from blogs.


Is your church RIC yet?

Today, I kind of yelled at one of our peer-ministers for ordering Tshirts from a generic company that probably uses sweatshop labor (Made in Haiti). Gah, I need to learn to be nicer.

Good luck with everything.


You are lovely, truly. The sadness is very understandable, and I think all the things you mentioned factor in.
But, the fact that you acknowledge that sadness yet in the same breath go on to honor the joys in your life and that you recognize there are things you can do as an individual in your daily life to make a difference...that is what makes you so amazing.


I know that if someone else had written that post, you would give advice that would instantly make her feel better. I wish I could do the same for you. I can only hope that it helps you to know that people are thinking about you, hoping that your sadness soon lifts.

wix, again

oh, and it should go without saying that whatever conversation you want to have about cloth diapering is one to which i would happily contribute.


You do my heart good.

Sarah L

Must. Have. Moxie's. Sandwich.

I have the premenstrual salty muchies and any mention of Bacon just about slays me.

I hope hope hope you aren't dropping the blog. Your blog inspires me to not be so hopeless about how much there is to do, and how few of us there are to do it.

Sarah (3rd Sarah, not a re-poster).


I love the little things your doing. If everyone just made one or two small changes to their life just imagine the impact it would make!

Another easy thing to do would be sign up to You don't even need to leave your email address to sign up so you wont be bothered by unwanted emails in the future.


If I may ask--what is you plan to use skills to help a single mom advance economically? I think, anyway, we do the same thing (freelance writing) and I would love to do the same here, but I can't think how? Of course I may be thinking only your "paid" skills, if so forgive the oversight.

And if you ever come to Detroit I have a bunch of lefty Catholic friends that will love you instantly. You remind me of these friends, who inspire me greatly.

| Salut là, simplement juste transformé en conscient de blog via Google, et a trouvé c'est vraiment instructif. Je suis attention pour Bruxelles. Je vais j'apprécie dans le cas où vous procé dans cette avenir. Nombreux gens doit être de votre écrit. Vive!

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