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Jen P

Happy 3rd Birthday El Chico!!

And congrats Moxie, on your lovely 3 year old son and not having pizza or frosting in your carpet!

Best wishes to you all.

Nancy Kirk

Happy Birthday, El Chico!
Num Num


Happy Birthday El Chico!

How can you not love a party that doesn't destroy your home! Way to go Moxie.


Happy birthday!
Wow. 3 years old--very impressive!

Now I'm craving cupcakes.
Excuse me while I ransack my kitchen for cupcake ingredients...


Happy Birthday, El Chico!


Happy birthday, El Chico! Go March babies! (It's my birthday right now, and my daughter will be 2 on the 17th.)


Happy birthday, El Chico!
And congratulations, Moxie, on surviving the day.


Happy birthday, El Chico, and congratulations, Moxie, on your wisdom in letting another venue host the fiesta.

I love making play dough. I wind up making more than my kids will ever play with just because I'm in the mood for a new color, or because I feel like kneading it as it cools.


Happy Birthday El Chico!
And congrats mom, on a job well done- You've got this parenting thing down, girlfriend! And because of that, I'm positive you realize that even if everything had gone perfectly smoothly, the party would still have been utter chaos. They're three- everything is utter chaos. Happiness is utter chaos. Oh, and frosting-free carpet.

Brooklyn Girl

Happy Birthday, El Chico! Congrats on surviving the cupcakes, pizza, and playdough Mom!


Happy Birthday to the little guy and a big congrats to you for not throwing a rock through the pizza place window. I would have. ;-)

Sounds like it was perfect...stress, rushing, chaos, followed by more chaos, followed by collapse. Exactly how a kids' birthday party should be.

But you MADE playdough? I'm impressed. I know it's not difficult, but still..buying little containers of it is even less difficult.


Happy birthday indeed!


Happy Birthday El Chico!

Congrats on a party well done. Smart Moms do the party away from home. I learned that the hard way.


Wow...congrats on a party with 10 3 year olds and nothing to clean!

My little guy will be 3 next month and I'm giving serious thought to having his party somewhere other than our place. I think your story just made up my mind.


happy birthday, el chico! and happy not-scraping-frosting-off-the-ceiling day to mama!


Moxie, I have a very serious question to ask you. Ready?

What would it take for you to handle my birthday party? Cupcakes and pizza sound fabulous. My birthday is in June...that would give you time to plan, wouldn't it?

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