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And might I be the first commenter to note that Teacake was FINE.


Good heavens -- are there such things as pepperoni burritos? I am all for the fusion cuisine, mind you, but that seems like a combination that would indeed give any right-thinking person nightmares.


How sweet! You are such an awesome mother.


that is fantastic!

i love hearing about other peoples' dreams. i get all excited and wish i could see the images the way they see them in their heads.

my mom once asked me if i dreamt in color or black and white. i promptly responded that i dreamt in cartoons--and i did, until i was about 8 years old, everything in my head was essentially rotoscoped.

Brooklyn Girl

Okay, see, I planned to stay up for TEWWG, but I reconsidered almost immediately when I saw Oprah's introduction (I compromised and taped it, but haven't watched the end yet.) I love this novel too, but I really object to the movie being advertised as one of the greatest love stories of our time cuz that just ain't what it's about.

Now, Tea Cake was FINE, but the whole point of the novel--I thought--was about self-identity and hawking it as a love story (a love story that ends when one member of the loving pair is forced to kill the other) undermines its depth.

Case in point: we teach this in our A.P literature courses and our assistant principal--who watched the movie but has not ever read the novel--came in this morning and suggested that if the novel really was "just" a love story, it ought to be removed from the curriculum.

Okay. End of rant.


Oh my goodness, I'm so glad to hear that we're not the only parents who sometimes let our shouting kid come in our bed in the middle of the night. Our daughter has done that a few times in the past week including last night when she had to come in TWICE. She woke up crying and was very upset so we let her sleep in our bed for a little while. It was so sweet when I felt her little fingers on my back.


Brooklyn Girl, I didn't see the TV introduction to the book, so I had no idea Oprah was billing it as the world's greatest love story. Halfway through the movie, my husband asked me "What do you like so much about this book?" I answered that it was a novel about a woman discovering her own power. The men in the book are more than just foils for her own process, but it's not about love. It's also just such a lyrical gem, and the way Hurston stays completely in the black culture without ignoring the white world is true talent.

Now that you mention the introduction, which sounds just horrible, I wonder if there are people who watched the movie as a straight love story. I think it would be incredibly disappointing to do so, since it takes you through her process and the part with Tea Cake is really so minor compared to all the other stuff.

Personally, I think they should keep it in the curriculum no matter what it's about just because the language is so beautiful (why else read "Romeo and Juliet"?). If I could change the standard curriculum I'd take out Grapes of Wrath and replace that with Chronicle of a Death Foretold, which I think high school students could really get into. But that's just me.

Elise, El Grande and I are waaaay too lazy to consider any course of action for treating nightmares besides just having him crawl in with us so we can all go back to sleep. It might be different if he had nightmares every night, but it seems to be maybe once a month at this point, so it's better than having to get up, talk him through it, and then convince him to go back to sleep in his own bed.

Oh, and Erica, I think the point of the dream was that a pepperoni burrito would be disgusting. I don't even want to think about it. Which is why I could promise without hesitation never to ask him to eat a pepperoni burrito.


a pepperoni burrito *is* terrifying. i forgot to mention that on my earlier stalk-through.

grapes of wrath was the only book i never finished in my entire english lit career. the fucking tortise! i was slain by the time i arrived at page 3. i bought the cliffs notes and felt awful, until i tried again and then started using the phrase 'tom joad' as a nonspecific epithet. i gave up, i just couldn't take it.


I'm glad that the movie was good, I Tivo'd it, but haven't watched it yet. I loved the book, too.
Belated Happy Birthday El Chico!

And I'd like to thank you for your email on breastfeeding--just waded through a clogged email box (not keeping up on it like I did before my bundle of baby arrived). We ended up staying with formula, but I'd like to try breastfeed my next child so I'm going to save your email to use then.

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