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Lisa S (& Riley, Bella, & Adelyn)

B. I say B.

Maybe A. Definitely NOT C. Don't panic. Don't google, either.


That's how my stomach bug started. Gut pain, followed by nausea, followed by two days of sitting on the toliet while throwing up in the tub. I seriously wanted to hug my contractor for having the foresight to put those two in proximity.

Oh come on, quit being squeamish, you're a mom. Like you've never dealt with poop and vomit....


okay, lisa is absolutely the voice of reason, and it probably IS 'B', or 'A', but as someone who had preeclampsia, i see it lurking around every corner. i have never had high blood pressure, despite being overweight, and my only 'risk factors' were being a plush, first-time mom at 30. so, take this with a grain of salt--no, don't, because that will make you retain water.

[ironically, i remember reading something that julie (a little pregnant) wrote and making a comment about taking her preeclampsia-sounding symptoms very seriously.]

the first sign i had was a pinchy stitch in my side, directly under the 'point' of my right ribs. this was waay early, 22 weeks maybe? anyway, the symptoms and signs are weird, so it helps to know what to watch for. has a good checklist ( that you should learn by heart if you're over 30.

the second red flag for me was sudden weight gain, and a lot of it: 10 pounds in a month, for no apparent reason. watch your hands and feet for signs of swelling (tight rings, tight shoes, visible puffiness).

have a plan for what you will do in case you begin to feel very sick and you're alone in the house with el chico. if he doesn't already, make sure el chico knows how to call for an ambulance and how to tell them where you are.

i promise that i don't mean to be an alarmist, and i'm not trying to stir up any unnecessary fears; i'm a worrier by nature and i realize i have a tendancy to overreact when the topic of preeclampsia comes up. in this case, educating yourself and paying careful attention to any changes in the way you feel, even if they seem minor, is important.


DEFINITELY stomach flu, darlin'.
Don't panic!!

The stomach flu is going around and around these days. Call your doc so you'll have peace of mind. Is there anyone who can take the little one for a while?
You need to be back in bed!

Feel better SOON, and I'll be holding out hope that it is nothing too serious.


It seems that the ladies who had HELLP had severe pain, with intermitent periods of feeling fine. If that starts happening, I would probably call your doctor.

Lisa V

I would assume it's not ominous, but I would call my doctor/midwife just for reassurance.


Like others have said, I would put a call in to your caregiver, just to see what they say. That being said, statistically HELLP and pre-eclampsia happens with your first pregnancy, and it's very unlikely to occur with a second pregnancy if it didn't the first time around. (Get this ... if you have a baby with one partner, you're not likely to have it again with that partner. But if you have another "1st" pregnancy with ANOTHER partner ... THEN you're at higher risk than if you had stayed with the same person. Isn't that weird?)

Having had HELLP myself, I know it's nothing to mess with. However, being informed is your best defense against this disease, and you're definitely doing that. If you want additional information on how to help prevent pre-eclampsia and HELLP, go to There is excellent nutritional information at this site.

I hope this helps, and I hope that you feel better soon. Keep us posted!


Could it be gas or an ulcer? That is exactly what my ulcer feels like.

Hope you feel better!


It's almost certainly not, but as someone who also had HELLP, that wrenching pain was one of the first signs I had, and the one that my OB totally blew off (because he determined that it "wasn't contractions"). So, I'm of the opinion that you should be cautiously optimistic on this ('cause it's probably B), but still observant & report it to your OB.


Gas? I've been doubled over with it a few times. Ouchie.

I agree in being cautious, but I like the adage "if you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras."



Brooklyn Girl

Flu. Definitely flu. I refuse to contemplate C.


I'm not so great at quizzes due to sleep dep, but hang in there!


It was probably gas.

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