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Great, great story. Hope it all goes your way.


Moxie, we would be happy to have you in Boise, but El Chico would be out of the loop for the big three pre-schools. You basically have to put them on the list when they are born. However, I am in the same situation, given that I haven't even started looking at pre-schools for Mason.


So, when do you find out? And more importantly, what did El Chico wear? I'm jealous that you get to buy little boy clothes.


No, no, no, not Boise, silly--PHILLY.


Corduroy pants, harmonizing-but-not-matching striped long-sleeved T-shirt, sneakers. Your basic "I'm a boy on the go" outfit. We find out in a few weeks.


Sigh. I do so love cords and stripy shirts. People around here are always insisting on pink. Good luck!


I'm keeping my fingers crossed that El Chico gets in -- they would be crazy not to take him (and his very hip mom)!

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