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Just came upon this..but I have SO been waiting for a BAD MOM! thread...(or something).

I can't even count the # of times my dd has fallen off the bed. She's also fallen down the stairs a couple of times.

Here's my classic: she was 10 days old. We were co-sleeping (dh was having a hard time getting used to sleeping w/ baby so he was in the guest room). I was having a dream about fighting w/ someone, which somehow morphed into a dream about eating an apple, and woke up b/c I felt my teeth hit something. I'd bit my beautiful little girl on her forehead--right below the fontanel! She of course woke up w/ an outraged yell. DH came in to help out, and it was 1/2 hour b/f I had the nerve to tell him. I was convinced that he would insist on putting her into the cradle after that. But he's a sweetie--he reassured me that he was sure things like that happen all the time.

Then he told my mother. Grrr.


baby's not due til July, so for now these will have to suffice;

Bad Nanny: I also walked through a doorway with an infant and banged her head on the side. In front of her grandmother.

Bad Auntie: I was giving the twins macaroni&cheese for lunch. I used the nearest measuring cup- it was in a cupboard when I found it, mind you- to measure the water for the macaroni. Their mother came home briefly to pick something up and noticed the measuring cup on the counter, but assumed I hadn't yet used it when she said, "Oh, don't use THAT! I put the MiracleGro in it for the plants."
For. some. reason. I didn't throw away the macaroni. I let them eat it.
Then I freaked out and called poison control. They said it would just be traces and it's fine. I never told their mother.

My mother, the pediatrician:
Regularly put my sister, a VERY active toddler, up on the counter next to the stove while she cooked dinner. One night my sister finally decided to stick her hand on a burner. It had never occurred to my mother that would happen. We also routinely rode bikes without helmets.

My grandmother:
Watched from a distance of about 20 (!) feet as myself, aged six, and my sister, aged two, played on the swingset. My sister immediately broke her leg by trying to step from the swinging seesaw to the ladder. It still amazes me that a woman who raised six children didn't realize a two year old cannot play on large outdoor equipment practically unsupervised.


When my dd was about 15 months, I left her playing in the living room for "just a second." I also left the french doors that lead out to our patio (read fire escape) open because it was a typical gorgeous breezy LA day. When I came back, I looked in the living room, and my dd wasn't there! I ran into the kitchen -- not there! I looked on the patio -- and there was my dd at the top of the sixth step of the fire escape!

I knew if I freaked out, she'd get startled and could potentiall fall backwards. So I calmly climbed up behind her, grabbed her .... and then screamed at her all the way down. One bad mommy momenht followed by another because that made her hysterical.

This scene has replayed a couple of times... different dangers.... I've left her in the bath "for just a second" only to return to my daughter turning the faucet to BOILING hot water. I've left her in the car sleeping in the garage for "just a moment" so I could use the restroom, only to come back to her screaming because she woke up and didn't know where I was.

Okay, so I've finally learned that I can't leave her for "just a moment."


Ohh... I am laughing SUPER hard at the woman who bit her child's forehead while dreaming of eating an apple! But, I have some scary stories. (to me they were scary anyway!)
First, with child #1 (now 2, but 1 at the time) I was walking with him in stroller, we hit a rather large bump in sidewalk and the stroller went ass over end, landed upside down with him face down on cement! Luckily the tray helped prevent any major injuries. I felt awful, he screamed, and people passing by were shocked.
Second and third incidents both happened just this week (4 days ago and today) to my 2nd child who is 4 months old today. He rolled off the couch onto basement floor, about 16 inches, cement but carpeted floor, still hard! I will never forget that sound, like a watermelon on concrete. Then today, as if having his shots today wasn't bad enough, I put him in his bouncy seat, which is up on the dining room table to prevent 2 yr. old from smothering him with "too much love", I just put his leg through the hole on one side, because it only clips shut on the other side, and ran down to grab the laundry out of the dryer (like 1 min. worth of being gone) and I could hear him up there whimpering, and then BOOM from directly above me. I about CRAPPED MY PANTS.... flew upstairs to see him face down on the floor!!! It's about 3 feet from table top to floor! I scooped him up, he was crying, so that was a good sign. I guess he tries sitting up now, which is crazy for a 4 month old, but he apparently sat forward and since I stupidly didn't clip the strap across all the way, he was probably dangling there (which explains the earlier whimpering sounds) and then finally fell free all the way to the floor.... BAD BAD MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never felt worse in my life! Then to top it off, my 2 year old goes to my inlaws later, points to their dining room table and tries saying "Andrew.... table... fell off!" I am glad they didn't understand what he was saying.... Use the straps in the bouncy seats, they are there for a reason!!!

sharing stories

Today I was sitting in the living room. I look down the hallway to see my 25 inch t.v. and the stand lean forward and come crashing down. I run in there to see my 19 month old son crushed underneath and the only thing visible was the left side of his face, as the 25 inch t.v. ( and it's like 20 years old so it's a fat one) lying on the other half of his face. I pick him up and run into the living room stripping him down butt naked. He's screaming. I walk in the room about 10 minutes later and my younger brother says hey he cant walk. I rush him into the ER and tehy do x-rays. No fractures but they put a cast on him from his little foot the whole way to his groin, in case of spraining or tissue damage. So now we wait for the orthopaedics to open and hopefully we can take this damn cast off soon, he looks so helpless trying to get up from a sitting a position but he manages as he wobbles down the hall and all around trying to do his normal toddler stuff.


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I'm so glad to see that someone else has bashed their child's head into the door frame ... I thought I was the only one guilty of causing that particular type of brain-damage to my little angel!

Anyway, today, I had a particularly ugly public display of bad Mommy-ism: B. & I went to Nordstrom (it couldn't have been McDonald's, of course ...) for a lovely lunch; after lunch, my cherub (read: "little devil") & I visited the ladies room. After Mommy was finished, I left the stall to wash my hands; B. followed along. Then, while I was all sudsed up, she locked herself in the stall & said she was going to go pee-pee by herself. Thoughts of my very petite 2 year old drowning in a public toilet flooded (sorry for the bad pun) my brain. I tried to remain calm & talk her out of there quietly & politely ... that lasted about 2.3 seconds; then I just started screaming for her to unlock the door.

Faced with the choice of crawling under the door to get her (not likely) or walking away & letting her chase me, I said "bye bye," and waited out of her sight for her to come out (mortified as the other women in the ladies room walked past me to leave).

I'm fairly certain she's never going to want to go potty by herself again & will be the only 20 year-old still wearing diapers in college! Ugh.


W was about 5 weeks old and I was delirious from not sleeping, gettin over a c-section in a multi-level house, taking blood pressure meds for preeclampsia and trying to pump 8 times a day because he would not latch on and I was determined to give him breast milk. I was exhausted. I got up for a mid-night-early-morning feeding. The next thing I remember is waking up maybe an hour later with a screaming infant at the foot of the bed, by my feet,and on the nightstand I had the bottle of bathroon hand soap sitting in the cup of warm water we used to heat up the breast milk. At least I didn't stick that thing into his mouth. I don't remember even going to get him from his crib, and I must have been sleepwalking, which scares me still.

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OK, this is a bad one...

I consider myself a very good mother. After two days of potty training my 2.5 year old, I was exhausted! I tucked my daughter in bed, sang her a lullaby and shut the baby gate to her room behind me.

A couple of hours later my husband and I are laying in bed, watching a movie when we heard a weird sound come from her bedroom. I had just checked on her and covered her with the blankets so I knew she was OK. Still we got up and I poked my head in her room to see she was fine. Again I shut the baby gate and went to bed.

The next morning I was drinking coffee and waiting for the sweet sounds that she was awake and playing. Instead, I heard this awful scream. I ran in her room to discover that she had vomited ALL OVER HER BED, and slept in it the WHOLE night. It was everywhere!!! In her hair, on her pillow, on her face...

It was so bad that she threw up all over her baby doll I tucked her in bed with, so she got up, grabbed another baby doll from her toy box and went back to sleep in this puddle of puke.

Which is how I found myself on this site. I felt horrible. The next day I spoiled her a little too much. Now if I hear so much as a hiccup, I run in there to make sure she's OK.

And the award goes to...

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