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Ahahahaha pajama episiotomy!

Whooo. That was awesome.


The name "Evan" is okay, but I think the Y makes it seem feminine. Are you sure it's a boy?


Hey, why is my post in italics?


I fixed the italics.

It's definitely a boy. That's the bizarreness of it. They took a great, solid, manly name and made it a wussy boy name. I don't think it's going to fly, even in Manhattan.


I didn't know teeth could itch? :/ Interesting...


Evyn. Yechhh.

There's a family I know that decided to give all of their children names that started with vowels (including Y and W, which is a stretch) -- the first few children did OK, but it all went downhill after that: Anna, Emily, Isaac, Orrin, Urica, Wynn, and Ythan.

YTHAN. Pronounced like Ethan. Poor child.


Bet you look fetching in your cystic acne, you devil you. But stay away from Accutane (really bad for baby).
Can't help you with the itchy teeth...


cool blog


I wish I could show my husband this blog. I've been complaining about itchy teeth since college, and he's always saying the same thing: teeth can't itch.

Oh yes they can. It drives me crazy, that itchy teeth feeling.

Did you see that the 59-year old woman who was pregnant with spontaneous twins 33 years after her tubal admitted it was all a hoax? Oh, now there's a huge surprise. There's something no reporter in the entire world could have predicted. What a shock, that this woman who made this incredible claim less than a week after another woman got humongous press for birthing ART twins, turned out to be inventing stories out her ass.

Remind me again why this woman got a story on CNN in the first place? Why are ANY of these women getting press? Ugh.


Hi Moxie
I really enjoy reading your blog; delurking here to ask a silly question: is there anything you can use on acne while you're pregnant? Anything over the counter? Benzoyl peroxide?

Just wondering for the future ....


I'm not sure how those people thought W was a vowel. At least Wynn got off better than poor Ythan. Or Urica. Yikes.

Amy, you can use Pro*activ S*lution while you're pregnant, but it doesn't work. A friend who just had her baby gave me a cleanser she got from the dermotologist (it's OTC, but only sold in derm's offices, so you could just walk in to one and buy it) containing glycolic acid. It seems to be helping a little, by accelerating the life cycle of the zits. Eew. It appears to be called MD Forte II. I think you can also use benzoyl peroxide, but I may be making that up.

Yes, Jody, the itching of the teeth is driving me mad. Mad, I tell you. I just keep wanting to scrape whatever that is making them itch off them, but then realizing it's the braces.


I don't think it's so bad. But then...


My husband says "you can't have itchy teeth". I bet if you google itchy teeth nothing will come up. He was so WRONG!!! He just doesn't believe that its possible to have itchy teeth.

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