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OH MY GOD - what is this country coming to?


thank you for the heads up!!! I'm not in VA, but am spreading the word as fast as I can!


i'm appalled. what's the statistic on pregnancies that end in miscarriage before 8-10 weeks? it's pretty high, right? i'm glad the commonwealth of virginia has the extra manpower to take down this obnoxious amount of information whenever a woman has extra-heavy cramps and bleeding after her period was 2 weeks late. goodness knows we want the government as far up our vaginas as they can go!


I'm kind of hoping someone can amend the bill so no one has to report, they can just comply with the law by sending John Cosgrove the "products of conception" to his home address.


So scary. Stepford scary. It's hard to believe, isn't it?


Whafuck? What a sicko asshole.


That is absolutely cruel.


said it on GetupGrrl's site, but: I think that the whole "Report the miscarriages" thing was spurred into being by the recent incident where a 15 year old girl had her boyfriend beat her pregnant stomach with a baseball bat until she miscarried. But I could be wrong.

Also, "fetus" is legally defined as 8weeks gestation, so I believe the proposed law would only apply from that point on.

Totally idiotic, and the man should be harassed into realizing the idiocy of what he proposes.


"Also, "fetus" is legally defined as 8weeks gestation, so I believe the proposed law would only apply from that point on."

But I thought in Virginia, it's from conception, not just from 8 weeks... ? Isn't that part of the story, and why it's so extreme?

M. Lea

A scenario even Orwell could not concoct.


My mother had three miscarriages between my birth and my brothers. Several of our closest friends have suffered the same misfortune. To hear of something like this (Cosgrove's bill) is absolutely infuriating. Is he a fellow member of the human race? Has he no empathy towards his fellow citizens? What kind of monster would introduce a bill like this? Let me know what us non-Virginians can do to defeat this travesty of a sham! I'm there!


No matter how evil and stupid American laws seem to be, we can only expect worse in the future if we dont do something about it IMMEDIATELY!!! The measures will need to be drastic, we may need to revitalize the entire government above the basic foundation. Maybe we can change it into a democracy like they had in ancient greece where all the elder and most informed citizens were allowed to give their impute directly to the national audience? I know our constitution said something about a free government.


Unfortunely we'll need to change the news media and other government propaganda in order to revitalize. Dumb couch potatoes won't comply with that I bet :(

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