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this was a hard one for me... if it were my average thursday i would voraciously shop today and smirk tomorrow, but as it stands, not one damn dime day coincides with a trip to the beach with my husband.....

and when you have 48 hours of celebration several miles from home, and it is one of the last pre-child getaways you will ever have, you do get the urge to splurge on a nice dinner.


Yeah, I'll participate. I hate this administration. And I really feel the bile rise in my throat every time I see that smirky, self-satisfied Condolies-a Rice character in my newspaper.


I'm participating. Mostly on principle, I'm not thrilled with the 2 Ws (the man and the War), but also because I rarely get out to buy stuff anyway. My contribution is going to be not buying anything on line. THAT'S much harder for me.


I'm participating. I wish I could be there in Washington for the "" thing.

I hope it's reported on. But it won't be.


As a Canadian I can only avoid goods made n the U.S. or chains/franchises that are U.S. based but I wish you the best in this endeavour. It's very hard to watch my American friends suffer under this administration. So many people know better.


I did it today, which I know doesn't quite count. Tomorrow, I have to go to the grocery store because I have family coming to town on Friday. If enough people did it, I'm sure someone would notice. But I have a feeling there are too many people who assume it wouldn't make a difference, so they won't bother. (After all, that would involve skipping the Starbucks stop!)


I plan on participating, in spite of feeling like it won't make a difference. Because, as Darcie said...if we all say it won't make a difference than no one will do it and voila: self-fufilled prophecy.

It doesn't hurt me to do it, so why not try?
At least then I feel like I'm trying SOMETHING. Sigh. It is a sad day.


I'm in too! The mere thought of what Bush has done to this country makes me want to vomit.


I wish I could have, but there's no good time to have a toddler with brochitis and an ear infection - which means I had to purchase a doctor's visit, medication, and extra fluids for her to drink.


KT, I'm not sure the doctor's visit counts toward GDP. The meds, probably, though. Do they run commericals for them during the nightly news? :)


I don't think so, actually. She's on Amoxicillin, which is such an old, standby drug that there's no point in advertising it.

I hope it was effective (the NODDD, I mean) but given that DC spent several days trying to hide all the homeless people so that the poor rich politicians wouldn't have to be afraid of them, I seriously doubt it was.

Uncle Jeffy

Moxie/KT - the doc visit does count toward GDP, but life's a tradeoff - and that's one tradeoff that can't really be criticized by anyone.

Otherwise, it's ironic that Dr. Rice gets to request that Barbara Boxer "refrain from impugning my integrity." As if Condi - or any of the slimers in this Administration - had any integrity to impugn...

BTW, Moxie: Erica at sez Hi. I need to contact you folks about setting up a blog of my own. I like yours!


damn, I didn't know. I sought solace at Target during the inauguration and spent $100 on crap I didn't need. Grrr.


damn, I didn't know. I sought solace at Target during the inauguration and spent $100 on crap I didn't need. Grrr.

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