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The point of the gestational diabetes test is to find out if you've developed it in this particular pregnancy. If you have, then you have to take measures to protect your baby from the affects of this short-term problem. If that's the point of this test, then why does it sound like you're trying to beat the test instead of taking it honestly and finding out if you really do have this problem? I don't get it.


Yikes! I hope you are okay and get a chance to catch up on rest very soon!

Will be thinking good thoughts for you and your little one!


Jan, the problem is that the test is subjecting a body to extremely abnormal sugar conditions. People don't hang around drinking such strong concoctions; it does not imitate life.

Moxie, be sure to keep moving, give yourself a chance to burn off the calories. Bounce your leg, pace, whatever.

Lisa S (& Riley, Bella, & Adelyn)

Jan, I had the same question - you're not alone! I've just recently started reading and haven't gotten to archives yet, so I don't know if you've had a problem with gestational diabetes in the past and that is why you are trying to beat the test?

Anyway, thanks Cricket for clarifying. Good luck Moxie!


Ick, honey. Just ick.

Feel better soon.


The reason I'm trying to "beat the test" is that there's plenty of thought in the medical world that the whole thing is a very very bad predictor of actual GD. Because, seriously, what real-world conditions does it mimic to have a pregnant lady fast for several hours and then down a huge glass of sugar water? Of course that's going to mess with your blood sugar. To really test for GD, they should make you test your blood sugar a few times a day over the course of a week to see if your normal pregnancy diet is causing problems. When I went to get my ultrasound there were a bunch of signs up in the waiting room asking for subjects for a research study to find out how pregnancy affects blood sugar. So my guess is that someone at that hospital is working on trying to figure out a more accurate test for GD.

I have no history of diabetes and no risk factors. No one in my family has had it, my mother gained a healthy amount of weight while she was pregnant with me, and she nursed me until I was 18 months old. I didn't have it with my last pregancy, and I'm gaining the same amount of weight with this one as with my last one (excet that I started out this one 11-12 pounds lighter). So I'll be damned if someon's going to give me some bogus diagnosis of GD based on an unreliable test.

That's also why I never even considered the triple or quad screen, BTW. They're not reliable predictors. So why even bother? My midwives are incredibly thorough in making sure I'm eating well and in monitoring my health--better than most OBs, although maybe not as good as perinatologists. If they were taking the tests more seriously, I might be, too, but basically it's just certain boxes they have to check off.


Moxie, I'm sorry about the bleeding. That's terrifying, even if you know that it likely doesn't mean anything important. Did you have to go into the ER or anything?

I did something similar when I had to take the GD test. I ate a big breakfast of eggs and salmon, and it worked. It never occurred to me that I'd be subverting the utility of the test; enough women fail the test and have to take the 3 hour test that surely just eating eggs for breakfast isn't going to save you if you really do have GD. And you get to drink grape juice? Lucky. I thought I had it good, just to get the choice between lemon-lime and orange.

Jen P

Moxie, so sorry to hear of the bleeind. How frightful!! I'm hoping you're doing ok and El Chico will be blisffully sleepy for the next few days and mum can get some rest.

I think to get a real view of GD they need to do blood insulin tests every 3 days or so for about 2 weeks to get a true account of how the insulin forms in the pregnant body.

But of course we get the nasty syrup. Hope you feel better soon.


Re: the bleeding. Gah.

Glad it stopped.

heather ann

I will be offered the test (like last time) and I will refuse it again. My first child was 9 9 and I passed the test, the second was 7 12 and I refused the test. My midwives are with yours in being extremely skeptical (gee I can't spell that word)about the test itself. I did go to a gestational diabetes class early in my pregnancy - instead of doing the test - to try and make sure I had no problems. I didn't want to do the triple screen, which here in Ontario is now called "integrated prenatal screening" and includes an ultrasound and blood test at 12 weeks, and then a follow-up blood test around 15 weeks. It is also supposed to be better than the triple screen, but since we were going to continue the pregnancy no matter what, it was just a pain in the arm with little value to me. And again, it just gives you stats, not any really definitive yes or no. I guess you couldn't just refuse the g.d. test?


Glad to hear that the bleeding has stopped, and I hope El Chico lets you nap soon. Is there a friend he could visit for the afternoon? Would you sleep instead of work if he did?


Moxie: Honey, I'm so sorry about the bleeding! Stay up there, El Chico v.2.0!!

I had a horrible blood sugar crash after the 3-hour glucose test (which I passed) with my 2nd. I was shaking and sweating and seeing spots. I have two friends who reacted the same way.

They should not only be working on changing this test, by testing over time as you mentioned, but in the meantime, they should be prepping moms who do take it to bring a snack for afterward. (history: I have GD in my family (half-sister had it) and type I grandfather and type II dad, so I opted to take the test).

Take care, mama.

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