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Missed your scare - glad that's over with. Hope it stays that way.


Glad it came out well, but, um, that's BB King you big silly.

Brooklyn Girl

Many congrats. Can't wait to hear from someone in the NYC preschool trenches.

Lisa S (& Riley, Bella, & Adelyn)

Glad it went well - I had my own problems with my last pregnancy and the dreaded quad screen - was told I was at higher risk for t18, which is "not compatible with life." Scary stuff - lots of sob stories (with color photos!) available on the web.

Anyway, I had an amnio (who knew I would do such a thing?) and blessedly, everything was fine.

My youngest is 6 months old and healthy as a cow (without that mad cow disease, of course).

So glad things are looking good for you!


Lisa, doing amnio doesn't surprise me at all. If I wanted to do testing, I would go straight to amnio, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. t18 is Trisomy 18? I also got that bogus diagnosis with my first, but blew it off when a second opinion thought it wasn't based on any evidence.

Cec, I knew it looked wrng when I typed Bo Didley, but couldn't come up with any other name that made sense to my brain.


Is it wrong to be hooting over here at "Bo Diddley?"

Good news on the test. Rock on!


You have to interview for preschools?! Is that just NY? What the hell? I'm waiting for details with bated breath.

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