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If just the suggestion of visiting your grandmother potty trains kids, can you send us a vague idea of her whereabouts? Might come in handy someday, to wave her address over our sleeping toddler's bed or something.


Hooray for underpants! I just love the svelte look of a diaper-free toddler. (I saw that not as a kinky freak, but as the mother of an 18-month-old "elimination communication" baby who is slowly, slowly making the transition to Airline Underpants and Comfy Pants, aka all-cotton training pants.)


You're back! And you have a potty-trained kid! Wow, I am impressed. Sounds like you had a pretty great vacation.

We are planning to get a potty for our little one when we get back from our vacation next month. Even though she's only 16 months old, she often squats and pees on the bathroom floor when she's running around naked right before her bath. I'm sure if she had her own special place to sit she'd figure it out pretty quick!

Panties is one of those words that always makes me laugh!!


ugh. i hate the word panties. it is so creepy and needlessly fetishizing. underwear all the way.


Excellent! We are all done with diapers here and let me tell you, there is some cushion in the budget now, LOL.

brooklyn mama

All right, El Chico! Way to go! Because the best place to pee or poop is . . . the toilet! Hooray for the toilet! (Pre-school teacher talkin' here).

Count me as a panty hater too. I once decided not to date a guy because he said "panties." Yuck.

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