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Those are the veggies you eat in combination with your collectible NASCAR chicken buckets.

Did you buy those just to take the picture? If so, I now worship you.


What's with the new redneck chic explosion??? Speaking as someone who comes from a long proud line of hillbilly hicks, this stuff is a sad bastardization of the truth!


What's the difference between a grape tomato and a cherry tomato anyway?


Size. Grape tomatoes are smaller than cherry tomatoes. Currant tomatoes are even smaller.

I think this whole NASCAR tomato thing is some marketing guy's attempt to get NASCAR into the NYC market. "Hmmm...they're all into health foods and vegetables. Let's just brand some grape tomaotes with the NASCAR name--that'll hook 'em in!" Since we don't have many KFC locations to market the collectable NASCAR buckets, you know.


NASCAR is everywhere these days. Even tomatoes can't escape. I, too, am curious if you bought them just to take the picture.


Hey there I'M Sue! Just a small town girl livin' In a lonely world LOL! Lookin' For some lovely peop.
I am 19 and single mum i like haviing fun and goiing out im a bubbly person.
Hi im laura-may im looking for someone to snuggle up with in cold nights :) Someone to party with wh.

Hey peeps ,i jus wanna welcome u into mandy sweet as candy world,i hope u will enjoy ur stay here!We.
I am looking to make s.
A complete opposite to a chav, a unique sense of humour and a little bit of a workaholic/sportaholic.
I currently work at a local pub.
I am a mum of three great children.
I`m currently single but hey!.
Hiya, my name is Jordan.


Penni looks in awe! Too cute! Looks like you all had a great time! One of these days I need to come out there and go there. Once everything is seltted and all that is.


So I'm late responding but I tguhhot I would go ahead anyway.I thoroughly enjoyed the entire. I am not sure what the whole reason why is but the race was good, better than some. I think it may also be that Kasey was very happy and in a good mood (via TrackPass) throughout the race, so that lifted my spirits, so to say.As for predictions have you not seen my new signature banner on FFN (lol) but kidding aside, I honestly don't know I think at the moment it is too early to tell..maybe in a few races a light will be shining a little brightly and I can tell.

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