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Ah, Target. How glad I am to hear that they're getting it together and opening urban stores! I'm a city dweller too, in the poky urban patch we call The Nation's Capital, and my city is also a Target-free zone. If I want my Target brand mouthwash, contact solution, and children's ibuprofen, I've got to drive out to the Maryland suburbs and shop near my mom's house. I'll admit, it's not too awful, as DC is small, the suburbs are nearby, and my home has off-street parking, but still. It's bad enough that I'm giving my money to a huge corporation, and I'd much rather give my sales tax revenue to impoverished DC than to weathy Maryland (and it's Republican governor, shudder).

Two years ago, a shopping complex opened a half-mile from my house, on the former DC driver testing lot. It's a small one, but it gave us a new and quite nice grocery store and DC's first Home Depot. There's a third parcel of land yet undeveloped in that complex. It should have been a KMart, but they went Chapter 11 before it was built. Now the rumor is that WalMart is going in, and my neighbors are all horrified. We wanted a Target!

I'm very jealous that you can ride the train to go to Target. I'd happily ride the Metro to get to Target if they would listen to my advice and open a store in the slowly-reviving downtown shopping zone of DC. Ooh, if I could go to Target and H&M on one shopping trip... that would be the greatest. Who needs free museums when I can take my son to these temples of commerce?

brooklyn mama

Ooh, ooh - count me in! Ping and I went to the HUGE, OVERWHELMING opening weekend of said Target on Saturday. Swarms of people! Balloons everywhere! Jugglers! Lines at the Target checkouts at least three miles long! Needless to say, we didn't buy anything. But we'll be back! Soon!



I want a Target store nearby.

All we have here is a Super Wal-Mart and the running joke is that it should really be called City Hall. I have yet to go to that store and not have to park so far back that I need a tram to get to the entrance. Plus, it is inevitable that once you walk in, you will run into someone you know.

Not too long ago they closed down our K-Mart, so all we have is that awful blue building. I am really hoping that we get a Target soon since the town seems to be growing... trying to spread it's wings.

Besides, Wal-Mart needs some type of competition!!



Cold Stone Creamery=Mmmmmmmm . . .


Horribly late on this comment, but I have to say, Mox, when you Google "Rockaway Bedding," both of our blogs come up in the Top 10. Fascinating, huh? (Thought not) Anyway, hope you're hanging in there... please keep JL and I in the loop.

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