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My husband and I are equally distant in age. Our biggest "oh wow" came over the fact that I was in the fifth grade when Beastie Boys "Lisence to Ill" came out. He was in the Air Force.


I adore VH1. And MTV2 (the one they actually show videos on). And VH1 Classics. I even watch MTV when they bother to show videos (before I go to work-- about 9:30am).

Who is an addict? Me!


Thank GOD for Direct TV and the myriad of VH1 channels they supply...

I just saw Prince in concert...he is the sexiest MF'er evah!!!


sigh, I loved those dances.
(I clearly recall feeling sexier that ever while shaking it to Funky Cold Medina)


Oh yeah, I know what you mean. My partner is about the same age older than I. When he talks about his childhood fondness for the Betty Rubble my eyes glaze over and I start fantasizing about Handy Smurf.


1955, student lounge, earth angel and teach me tonight. Does anything ever change?


My partner is 13 years older than me. All of her songs were muzak by the time I was in highschool. And I'm always saying, "that's so punk rock!" and she is clueless.
It's the ONLY time we notice the age thing.

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