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What a coincidence. I was talking with a friend today about our OB, who delivered her three children with nary a glitch and who lost me my daughter and Patrick's sister (If you're wondering why it was today, give Jess a call. :-)
Anyway, after Anne died, his behavior toward me was absolutely revolting, including telling me that I was much too weak to nurse and would be crazy to try it, and also to tell me that it was just as well that I didn't have twins, I could never have taken care of them. As I was talking with Judy, I remembered more details of what he had done to me, and was very glad that I hadn't thought of suing him, because he would have remained in my life even longer then. I was told that he acted that way to blame me for his mistake, but I think he was a bad doctor and an even worse man. So it goes. What *is* wrong with people? Love, Nancy


Forgive me, but I'm compelled to add a story of my own. (Very happy the El Chico story had a happy ending!)

My first pregnancy ended at 17w, and I wound up at the hospital on a weekend when my own beloved OB was out of town. Her partner, Dr. Doofus, took charge of my induced labor and TOTALLY bungled it. Totally bungled as in: didn't notice I'd given birth, had the baby's body swept out with the trash, then wanted to do a C-section on my empty uterus and was thankfully stopped by a clever resident. I'm sure he's a nice man who frequently calls his mama, but after that I'd rather get my obstetric care from a rottweiler.

When I got pregnant again (and stayed pregnant, yay) my biggest fear was that my own doctor wouldn't be able to get to the hospital for the birth, and I'd wind up having Dr. Doofus attend me. But then when I was 35 weeks pregnant, he slipped on some ice and broke his leg in several places, and he had to take three months off of work to recover. Oh, I rejoiced. I felt rather un-Christian about it, but I felt nothing but delight to know there was no chance he'd deliver my baby.

(And yeah, we had a happy ending too: my doctor was there the night I pushed out my son, and I got exactly the kind of non-medicated, no-intervention, earth-mama hypnobirth I wanted.)

Summer (TypePad isn't letting me put in my URL this morning, but in case you'd like it, it's


Nancy, I didn't know your doctor had tried to gaslight you after he lost Anne. Reprehensible.

And Summer, what irresponsibility! I'm glad your own doctor was there when you had your son.

Anyone else can feel free to vent in the comments.

brooklyn mama

I don't need to vent (though my years trying to find a good doctor for my endocrine problems led me out of the city and up to Cooperstown, NY of all places before I found a doctor who gave a flying fuck about me. Which probably factored into my decision to adopt my daughter rather than have a family through reproductive technology. Hmm, I guess I am venting after all . . .), but I just want to say it's unbelievable to me that doctors can be so horrific. I am utterly appalled at these stories, and so sorry you all had to go through that.


Well that sure is shocking and disgusting. They apparently don't even attempt to teach bedside manner at med school. What good is all the technology and know-how in the world to cure people if you're just going to be an asshole about it?

Amy in Motown

Moxie, I have never been here before (but I'll be back, what a cool blog) and popped by to say I love the quote you put on grrl's blog. I am wring a story about foster kids right now so it hit me especially hard. Thanks.

And Dr. X? Asshat....

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