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Consignment stores & garage sales! My son was a $7 pumpkin last year, at 9 months, and this year he's going to be a $5 Clifford. Next year I assume he'll get to help decide what to be for Halloween.


I dressed up my son last year, when he was 9 months. Bought some brown fabric, made him into a football. Total cost: $10 for materials and three sleepless nights sewing.

But I love Halloween, so.


The last issue of Parenting magazine had a whole pull-out section on no-sew baby & toddler costumes that could be made out of sweatshirts. Here:



The last issue of Parenting magazine had a whole pull-out section on no-sew baby & toddler costumes that could be made out of sweatshirts. Here:



I'm on your side, my baby is 4 months old and buying a costume for her seems ridiculous.

A few years ago I made crayon costumes for a friend's twins using just a glue gun and felt. Just get whatever color felt you want the child to be (shorter child usually means shorter color name - e.g. red) because you have less length, and black felt. Cut the black felt to look like a crayon - wavy on top and bottom and color name. Glue the seam and glue ribbon at the top to tie it onto each shoulder. I covered a birthday hat with the felt for the crayon tip. It was a few hours of work.

bec 37

I guess dressing up an infant for Halloween is like dressing up an infant for anything--an infant will not care if his/her clothing has bugs or bears on it; you are just putting on the clothes YOU think are cute for the rest of the world to see. I love Halloween too, but I'm with you on costume cost--that's why most of ours have been hand-me-downs from older cousins. If you don't have those, anyone you know with an older child might have used costumes laying around that they'd love to hand off.

Also, you could look around for a Halloween-themed outfit that would be appropriate but also could be worn several times before and after the actual event.

When my first son was about your daughter's age on Halloween, he wore a hand-me-down pumpkin costume (really just fleece pajamas with a matching hat) we fed him his dinner outside and he watched as the kids came to collect their candy. I think he enjoyed it!


I am of the "when he can request to dress up, then he will" camp - but as long as someone else buys it I am willing to put it on him - last year he wore a hand me-down care bear from daycare. the year before my uncle bought him a pumpkin onesie (he was 10 months). this year he might actually be interested but I haven't done anything (he's 2.5)

I personally don't care for Halloween (there was actually a murder in my family on Halloween) but don't mind it for little ones once they're old enough to enjoy it. I just know it can get very out of control for older teens.


I'm a sucker for the infant costumes if only for the photo op. Old Navy and Target have inexpensive costumes (though of course you can't get bigger or boxier as stores go).

My local parenting group has a costume swap, and I'd think craigslist would be a good resource as well.


Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday, and we have a huge costume party (for adults). I'm so excited to have the Pumpkin (7 months old) to dress up instead of just the dog! (Yes, I totally dress my dog up for Halloween, and she loves the attention she gets when she's in a costume. And she's super cute!!) But I can understand someone who is not into the holiday not wanting to spend a lot of money on a costume. I hope to use the baby unicorn costume I bought the Pumpkin for future children as well.

As for the other holidays, I'm excited that it will be the Pumpkin's first Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I'm already feeling overwhelmed. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and my main symptom is complete exhaustion, so the winter and its holidays are always tough on me. I'm not sure how I'm going to get through it if the baby doesn't start sleeping through more of the night!

I'm hoping to get my shopping done online by the end of October so that can be out of the way, and maybe I can start writing out holiday cards now, but the baking will have to be done later, and I know the inlaws will want to come for a visit...

How do (g)you do all of this with kids and feeling exhausted all the time?


Suzanne: I love the crayon costume idea! I'm going to suggest that for my brother's twins!


Hi... I'm of the it's too cute to resist dressing them up. However, we put them in their costumes (they were about 6-7 months at that time) a couple times during the month and got lots of pictures. I still have their costumes in their closet cause they were just so darn cute, I can't part with them just yet (they (twins)were a duck and an octopus - Babystyle costumes). Anyway, a lot of the places now have amazing sales going on right now - I know Babystyle does as do most of the other stores and you can just buy them on-line.

My question is where are all the adult costumes that aren't all "vampy"? My boys are brown dogs this year so I wanted to be a cat. All the cat costumes for women are all sex'd up... not quite a family-style costume.


3 people i know with older kids have offered me their child's costume. We did not dress up my 6 year old until she was 2 (she was 4 mos and 16 months those first 2 years), so we didn't have one to re-use, and the 6 y.o. insist they both dress up. so my suggestion is: ask anyone you know with a toddler. chances are they have one you can borrow / have.


When me second son was a baby he was a pumpkin- we had an orange onesie, and I put green tights on him, and then I spent an hour making him a hat out of green felt... with a glue gun.

Now that they're older my kids are using the same costumes they would love to live in- Superman and Spiderman. They're thrilled I'm actually letting them wear them!


Best homemade baby costume I ever saw was on an 8-month old girl who had tons of hair that stood up. They swooshed it into a pompadour, pencilled on some sideburns, put her in a white footie onesie opened to the navel, and fashioned a tin-foil and cardboard belt. Baby Elvis!

Best family costume: 7 year old: Bullwinkle (easy to make moose antler headband), 4 year old: Rocky (googles!), 1 year old: Boris Badenov (mustache and hat).

I am not creative like that, but I love to see the people who are!


even if i took part in halloween (whole other issue, will spare you all), i doubt i would dress up a child that young, either! but my friend did have a really cute hotdog outfit for her baby. and this month's issue of Parents magazine has a section on making costumes out of cheap household items.


No kids yet, but I do have an easy costume idea from when I was a baby. My mom put me in a yellow (or choose the color you want) footed jammies and then made a bunny ear "hat" for me. I know her's was sewn, but I'm sure you could do that with a glue gun, felt and a wire hanger (for the ears of course). Put some eye liner on the nose and wiskers and tada - instant bunny at very little cost.

Plus - it keeps the little one warm, if you live in a cold climate.


My infant will be about 6 wks old on Halloween and she'll be wearing an orange Halloween themed sleeper and hat that she received as a gift when she was born. That's it. Next year I'll probably make her something.

pnuts mama

best family/baby costume i saw was a picture of a family in brooklyn- mom was a rainbow, baby in bjorn was pot of gold, dad was leprechaun- it was awesome! also saw same idea in carrier of mom as flower pot, baby as bee, i bet you could go on and on... i would try ebay or craigslist or freecycle, too. btw, i totally support having babies collect candy for their moms to eat!

we love halloween and i am psyched that pnut is old enough to be excited about it too... although she did abandon the "spiderpig" costume (sigh- that would have been awesome) now for a "lisa simpson" costume- i see many late nights with yellow and red fleece in my future...at least my reward will be candy!!

moxie, that's interesting what you said about the weight of the next two months- i feel it too, but i also just said to my MIL that one of the things i don't mind about the weather turning cool (boo!!) is that at least we have the holidays to keep me occupied- i get really down come jan/feb/march- bleh!

also, along the lines of fair trade, i can't recommend catholic relief services (both as an organization to support with your time or resources, as well as to buy fair trade goods from) enough. here is the link for their fair trade site: http://www.crsfairtrade.org/

sorry this was so long! you'd think i'd had the halloween candy already!


I don't think you're a hypocrite because of the wedding dress. It was your choice and it meant something to you, and it filled a critical (sort-of) social function. This is not true of your baby.

That said, we put ours in a hand-me-down dragon suit. I am all in favor of borrowing something for this one, or finding something reusable, like a warm bunting with ears.

It's also a good opportunity to use the hand-me-downs you think are absolutely hideous but couldn't refuse. In any case, take pictures; they will make you smile someday in any case.

Also, if you feel strongly about not giving your baby candy, then watch out for relatives!


How about a cat? Dress her up in black, paint a nose and whiskers on, and then glue a couple ears on a headband. Simple but adorable.


My daughter was 11 months at Halloween last year and I wasn't planning to dress her up...but then someone gave us a hand-me-down bumble-bee. I totally underestimated how much fun this would be for her: she loved it! We took her out in the afternoon and all kinds of kids and adults fawned over how cute she was. Since she's always been a total ham, she loved this.

Then, and we live in a HUGE trick-or-treat neighborhood (there's even a headless horseman riding up and down the block on a live horse), we stayed home and gave out candy. She loved this even more--loads of dressed-up kids ringing the doorbell! Hurrah!

I think even young kids can enjoy the excitement even if they don't partake of the candy.


I felt much the same as you on Halloween costumes for an infant. So, I bought a thrift store pumpkin costume for a dollar, went to Kiddie Kandids (gah, wretched name) and got a free 8x10 of him all cute in his costume.

We're doing charitable contributions this year in lieu of gifts. Soccer balls to Iraq!

Kathy B.

Bunny costume: My daughter was 10 months her first halloween. I took a pink sleeper, cut bunny ears out of cardboard and glued them to the hood (wait - couldn't have been a sleeper if it had a hood -- must have been something else,d but it had feet! -- anyway, you get the idea!) then I made a white "tail" out of a ball of yarn. Used eye-liner pencil and drew on some whiskers. Viola -- costume.

Second halloween, we used a red fleece sleeper (no hood, so I know it was a sleeper!) Cut colorful circles of different sizes from felt and glued them to sleeper. Made a cone-shaped hat out of felt -- a bit of bright make-up; viola, a clown


I'm one who gets a total kick out of sewing costumes so I'm no help on the infant costume.

But I do have a Christmas thing.

I've got three brothers, all married, which makes eight of us that really don't need anything for Christmas all trying to shop for each other. We tried drawing names, but that didn't really feel any better to us.

For the last few years, we've done the same thing. We go to a local organization that has an Adopt-A-Family program at Christmastime and ask for a family of four. Each couple in our family is assigned a member of the adopted family to shop for. We don't tell each other what we're buying.

We have a get-together in early December. The eight of us (and our kids) get together and WRAP the presents for the adopted family. It's amazing how much this feels just like Christmas gift unwrapping. There's seeing what everybody got. There's showing everybody what fun gifts you found. There's gift wrap and ribbons everywhere. :)

We also buy a gift certificate for a grocery store and usually one other family gift (zoo membership, passes to movies, depends on the ages/interests of the family). All told, we usually spend about $300 -- $75 per couple, which is about the same as we were spending when we were drawing names (two names for each couple).

We still do gifts for the kids at Christmas, but we grownups are so much happier with this setup. I highly, highly recommend it.


I just had to add that while the boys are 2 1/2, they've still not taken part in the candy aspect of the holiday. There are so many other fun things going on for them. We get their costumes early in the month so we can get the most out of them.

You'd be amazed how much fun a young child can have at a pumpkin patch. We hit the local pumpkin patch at least 3-4 times in October and put the boys in their costumes for some of those visits. They love seeing the tractors and all the pumpkins.

I have to say I honestly did not like Halloween (I'm not into anything scary) before the boys came along. Now, it is such a fun month-long event.

Also, in terms of finding inexpensive costumes, try ebay. I would imagine there are a ton of infant costumes up for grabs there.

Kathy B.

Cat costume for Maureen :

1 black leotard (can substitute black shorts and t-shirt if preferred)
1 pair black tights -- your size
1 pair black tights -- child-size (big enough for the 'panty' part to fit on your head.)

Cut the legs off of the child-size tights leaving about 2" of "leg" attached to the panty portion of the tights. Stitch the legs closed at the top of each. Stuff to make ears.

Stuff one of the cut-off legs to make a tail.

To assemble:
Put on the tights
Attach tail to leotard (or to black shorts)
put on leotard (or shorts & t-shirt)
Put ears on head
Paint on whiskers --


A site that has some really cute costumes to make for kids is: http://familyfun.go.com/arts-and-crafts/season/specialfeature/halloween_ms_costumes/halloween_ms_costumes.html
I made the ladybug for my 13 month old daughter with some felt and a glue gun. It was quick, inexpensive, and easy.

My three year old son has talked about being a ghost for months. It doesn't get much easier than that...or so I thought. After a very frustrating hour of trying to get him to try on a sheet so I could mark eye holes, I almost gave up. I finally ended up cutting a hole for his head to poke through instead.

We went to an Oktoberfest/early Halloween party last weekend, and the kids wore the costumes. The ladybug was a hit, but the ghost was kind of boring. My son has already said that next year he wants to be Curious George.


I like Katie's cat idea, its simple and cute and you won't have to alter any clothes, so you'll get more than one use out of them. If you felt ambitious, you could fashion a felt tail and safety-pin it on the pants.

Depending on the color hooded sweatshirt and pants, you could do any number of simple costumes with pinned on felt ears and tails.


I'd dress baby as the Paper Bag Princess...
http://www.amazon.com/Paper-Bag-Princess-Classic-Munsch/dp/0920236162 It's one of my all-time favorite stories.

Just cut a head hole and two arm holes in a paper bag, and wear a crown :-)

You kind of kill two birds with one stone - it's an easy, simple costume, plus you get to make a bit of an anti-fashion, screw expectations statement by dressing as that character.


My son will be 10 months on Halloween. I've never been a huge fan of the holiday, so at first I wasn't going to do anything. But I found a monkey costume at Target for $15, and I caved.

Sure, it was $15 I didn't really need to spend, but it hardly broke the bank. And I do think the little guy is going to really enjoy handing out candy with me. He loves other kids, and the "cute baby in costume" factor will only increase the likelihood of those kids interacting with him.

HOWEVER, we ran into a very awkward problem with all this. My stepmother sent a pumpkin costume for my son, weeks after I'd already gotten the monkey costume. I am so glad she was thinking of him, but I *really* wish she had asked me first. Sigh. My plan is to put the pumpkin on him, take a few pictures, then switch to the monkey suit for the rest of the night.


My baby was two months old for Halloween last year, and went to two parties, both of which she slept through, for which she had two different outfits, neither of which I bought or made--they were just constructed of stuff we already had, mostly hand-me-downs. She was a "Sailor Girl" wearing a sailor-style navy blue/white dress onesie, with navy blue tights and white shoes and a white sunhat. Also, she wore an orange sleeper with a pumpkin face on it and thus was a "Pumpkin". Done and done! See what they have at the thrift store! You can always put something fun and cheap together. Actually this year she's going to have a similar kind of outfit: she will be a "Fairy Princess" wearing a pink floofy dress (a gift), and old gold tiara of mine, and some pink wings a friend gave us. I nixed a wand, since she will just eat it or poke at herself and/or us with it, and I guess she'll just wear white sneakers? She's not even walking, so that's kind of moot.

Amy H

My daughter was 3 months old for her first halloween and we put her in a little chili pepper costume. It was cute for pictures and the neighbors got to enjoy her in the little costume. It only cost us $10 from Babystyle.com.
This year she is 15 months old and we are dressing her in a peacock costume. Again we won't go around collecting candy because she is still too young for that, but it is fun to dress her up and let her walk around the neighborhood with the big kids. I think it is just in the spirit of the holiday and not really about collecting candy at this age.

If you are against it, though, that is totally your right and your family should respect that. Maybe they just want to see the cute pictures?


Get a white onesie, and a fish, Glue fish to the onesie. You have a piece of sushi!


I'm the anti-halloween mom...I'm not against the holiday in principle, just don't see why it's such a big deal. thanks for the costume ideas though. We actually just found a hand me down pumpkin costume and of course, my daughter loves it (so I'm getting the "I told you so's) - not to wear, but to tackle it! It's got some stuffing in it to make it round and she thinks it's hilarious when she lays on it and it squishes out of shape. If I can use her for my own candy acquiring purposes, maybe this holiday isn't so bad!


My daughter was 3 months old for Halloween and I dressed her in a regular yellow sleeper gown, and a few cheap Halloween items--a pumpkin rattle, pumpkin booties, and a pumpkin bib. She fell asleep before the trick-or-treaters came, but I just brought her to the door in her bouncy seat for the "Ah, how cute" neighbor comments.


Heh, halloween is pretty much a civic holiday in San Francisco. When Mouse was 6 months she was a mouse (grey sweatpants with yarn tail added, grey hoodie with ears added, eyeliner whiskers)...at 1 1/2 she was a butterfly (one-color leggings and jacket, $10 wings from the internet, antenna-fied ponytails)...those were the easy ones.

at 2 1/2 she knew exactamently what she wanted--a red, fuzzy, tarantula. ummm...managed to talk her down to a black widow, since it had the crucial redness aspect, and we made it together (not sewn from scratch--we started with black leggings & shirt and added on). So Nov. 1 last year, she says "next year I'll be a raven". I say "ok". Guess what she still wants to be?

So far we have a baseball cap turned into a beak, we cut out some feet to attach to leggings, and we're figuring out the feathers.

I love this part...but once Halloween is over and it's 3 weeks till Thanksgiving I will totally freak. Nevermind xmas and the shopping and the visiting and...yeah.


I'm a teacher. By genetic dispostion, we all hate Halloween. Our son is 2, and will not be dressing up for halloween this year. He WILL however be allowed to stay up late and help pass out candy to trick-or-treaters who come to our door....because that is what he is into. Helping. Putting things - candy, play dough, crackers, cheese - into other containers. Fun times!

Last year he was asleep for the festivities. The first year, he was only a few weeks old and we turned off our lights, put both cars behind the driveway gate, and locked the dogs in our bedroom with us.

If you really want a costume, buy one of those halloween themed onesies or sleeper pj's and an orange knit hat. And hold your ground. If it's your kid, you decide the rules. You have lots of time to prove to your family you're not a complete stick-in-the-mud. Just not into dressing your infant up in a costume and dragging her all over the neighborhood when she should be alseep in bed. And you should be relaxing after a long day working to care for your daughter - not answering the door passing out candy to mostly-teenaged kids who are WAY too old to be participating in this "holiday".

But the little ballerinas and princesses and cowboys that come between 6 and 7???......ohh. They are yummy.


This is the first year we'll be ATTEMPTING to dress Madam in a costume. I say "attempt" because while she picked out her puppy costume (from Target) ALL BY SELF, she has not actually wanted to, you know, put it on. I think she believes it's an exceptionally big and floppy stuffed animal. I keep telling her that its clothing and she looks at me like, "You have GOT to be kidding! You've lost it, Mommy."

I adore Halloween (its also my wedding anniversary) and I'm excited to share it with her. And yes, I am nervous about the holidays too. It's too soon!


I'm kind of worried about this Halloween. My three year old is finally old enough to "get it" and be excited about all the neighborhood parties, costumes, and trick or treating - - but he has a peanut allergy. There is no mass manufactured candy that he can eat, no m&ms, no chocolate bars, etc. He can only eat things made at special peanut-free facilities.

So as much as I want him to participate in everything, does anyone have a suggestion on how in the heck I can get him through this without being incredibly disappointed? Going door to door to get candy that he can't keep... it seems kind of cruel. I'm not sure how willing he'll be to trade in that colorful variety of wrappers that he'd be sure to get for a few packages of specialty peanut free chocolate drops.

I guess we could skip this year... but this will just keep coming up year after year, and I don't want to make him miss out on anything just because of a stupid allergy, and the fact that I have total mindblock on how to solve this one. Ideas?


For Abbie's first Halloween she was 7 1/2 months, and our neighbors had a halloween party for their son's 1st birthday. We handed out candy before going to the party, and my husband and I both dressed up with Abbs. She was The Cat in the Hat (black velour pants, a zip up velour hooded top unzipped half way, a white onesie under with a red bow we attached like a bowtie, striped socks, and a striped cat in the hat felt hat a friend lent us, a pipecleaner tail-- and eyeliner for face paint), and my husband and I were Thing 1 and Thing 2 (cheap blue clown wigs, red shirts, and the apporpriate "thing" typed on a paper and cut in an oval shape pined to our chests). I think the combination of all the costumes was about $10, and Abbie was unbelievably cute (and the only Cat in the Hat at the party!)!

Here's a pic of her in costume: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v488/copelscope/?action=view&current=catinthehat.jpg

pnuts mama

for Me-
can he have any of the fruity-candies? i wonder if he's still small enough to notice the difference between what goes in his bag and what comes out? we trick or treat with my nephews every year, and honestly, it's the going around, seeing other kids, etc. aspect of it that they focus on, i don't know if they even have a clue as to what goes into their bags, (i know this sounds awful, but we totally eat their candy as we go around, so...) til they get home and my sister goes through it, and takes out unapproved stuff. (they are 5 and 6 this year)

what if you had a bigger sack/pillowcase that you carried to "unload" his bucket/bag/whatever every few houses-- then do the old switcheroo with a matching pillowcase with your own approved treats at home that he can eat safely- if it's enough candy (diff types, etc., pretzel sticks, raisins, treats, etc) maybe he won't remember the other stuff if he is dazzled by the sheer volume of stuff?


Amy: Abbie as Cat in the Hat is SO adorable!!!

Me: I'm not sure if this would work (I don't know how much 3-year olds would get it), but what if let him trade the candy in for other things? You could assign a value to each candy, and he could use it like money to get something he really wants, be it the safe candy or stickers or toys or something. It must be very tough for him and you! GL!


Having just been through the fall Jweish holidays - I hear ya. It's a lot, especially if it means entertaining people in a home cluttered with baby/child stuff. With our ecumenical family, that means that our "holiday" season lasts from mid-September through Jan 1.


I feel the same way and my son will be 14 months old this Halloween! I did however buy him a $6.99 t-shirt that says "too cute to scare" with a bunch of monsters and spiders and such on it. I figure since the in-laws will be visiting from Michigan, he could at least have that on.
Sorry I can't help with any glue gun suggestions.
Good luck!


I didn't read any of the comments because there were too many but I'll bet I'm at least the 800th person to say "consignment"! I got suckered by a cute photo and got my little girl a brand new costume only to see 10 equally cute costumes for 1/4 the price at the local consignment store. I was also offered hand me down costumes by at least three people. *smacks forehead*

Oh well, now I have something cute to pass along to someone else.

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I grew up in a not-very-practicing Jewish household but Channukah was big and Christmas was not. While I enjoy the holiday now with my non-practicing-anything husband and in-laws, I have inherited my mother's passionate hatred of Christmas music. Unfortunately there is a radio station that plays it 24 hrs a day starting the day after Thanksgiving and my husband and step-son LOVE it.

Ack! Where are my ear plugs?


I do like Halloween, and am enjoying the family-costumes aspect.

Last year; 3 bears (T. in purchased costume, DH and I in brown sweaters with ovals of fake fur stapled to our bellies. The one aspect of the costume that took any work was the ears: I bought 2 headbands, some wire, and some fake fur to match the ovals. Sewed it all up and stuffed ears w/cottonballs. My sister was Goldilocks (in last year's 70s diva costume - blond 'fro wig and sunglasses). Sister got to keep the candy.

This year: T's a pumpkin (orange onesie, green tights, orange hat w/green sock sewed to top). I'm a pumpkin vine (green tights and t-shirt, a yard of drapey green fabric to cover my butt and wind around here and there, curly green ribbon, orange fake flowers and leaves from the silk-plant outlet). DH is the sun (yard of gold lame fabric as poncho, yellow beanie with gold pipecleaners somehow affixed to it, gold fringe around neck, poncho hem, and legs of pants.

Iron-on hemming tape and staples are my friends.


As for the trick-or-treat aspect: We're thinking of just going around the block, then having a few friends with kids over for, I dunno, pizza or something. (The kids are all under 2, so no candy expectations yet.) Even for our incredibly social 20-month-old, the whirl of trick-or-treating sounds like it could be overwhelming.

Could throwing a small party at home (with plenty of allergy-safe treats) be a possibility for the child with the nut allergy? You'd just need to make sure the guests didn't bring in any allergen-laden food. And maybe you could have one event be an at-home trick-or-treating session, with one adult in each of 4 or 5 rooms, handing out treats?


Charisse - I saw plenty of cheap feather boas, and also fuzzy black fake-fur fabric, at Mendel's on Haight. You could glue-gun or baste those on to Mouse's costume...


I dressed my daughter up for her first halloween last year- she was 11 months old- but only because someone gave us the costume and I didn't pay anything.

It was fun. The neighbors gave her candy, which was ALL MINE. Baby ate cheerios instead.


Well, I'm not much help on the creative, do it yourself aspect, but I'm a fan of borrowing, buying used, or buying on clearance.

For the twins first Halloween, they were two weeks old (32 weeks gestation) and in the NICU. The NICU encouraged bringing in costumes and they had a professional photographer come in and do free portraits. We dressed our girls in princess outfits designed for tiny teddy bears from the craft store and have some beautiful photos which will be treasured forever.

Last year, we bought 2 costumes on clearance at Target ($5 each) the night before Halloween and took the girls around the neighborhood with their 5 year old cousin. I sold those same costumes to another twin mom this year for $5 each. This year, the girls went to Target with us and picked out their own duck costumes ($15 each). They don't understand Halloween, but they love ducks and really love wearing the duck costumes they picked out. We have two parties plus trick-or-treating with the cousin, so they will get plenty of use. Plus I suspect they may want to continue to wear them for dress up for months to come.

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