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  • MoxieTopics
    Short PDF ebooks on specific parenting topics, in-depth and focused

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All I want to know is: what is this "frequency that you both enjoy" you speak of?

Sally Bowles

Right there with Jan. More power to the woman who likes daily sex 6 months postpartum. Very hard for me to fathom. Very hard. When I pointed out to my OB-GYN that I found that breastfeeding kept my libido down, he hissed: "Perrrrrrhapssssss."


Hi our little brothers.S


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For the people that just drciasd the Times as a good source of information, I would like them to present me a reasonable option with a better (in terms of years) track record of investigative reporting. That doesn't mean that it is not flawed, everything is, but you need to make decisions on the margin. If I remember right, this is called Marginal Analysis in economics.

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  • My expertise is in helping people be who they want to be, with a specialty in how being a parent fits into everything else. I like people. I like parents. I think you're doing a fantastic job. The nitty-gritty of what you do with your kids is up to you, although I'm happy to post questions here to get data points of how you could try approaching different stages, because, let's face it, this shit is hard. As for me, I have two kids who sleep through the night and can tie their own shoes. I've been a married SAHM, a married freelance WAHM, a divorcing WOHM, a divorced WOHM, and now a WAHM again. I'm not buying the Mommy Wars and I'll come sit next to you no matter how you're feeding your kid. When in doubt, follow the money trail. And don't believe the hype.
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