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My 14.5 month old does this too! Not regularly, but every once in a while, and she's been doing it for about a month. Glad to know other babies do this. Grody, indeed.


Yep, our 14.5 month old does it too sometimes. I thought we were the only ones with a homegrown baby bulimic.


This is absolutely uncanny. My boy--14.5 months. He's been doing this for a few weeks now, BUT it seems to be happening less in the past week. I too have joked with my husband about our son showing early aptitude as a bulimic. I really think that, at least in our case, it has something to do with a developmental step, since the abatement of the bulimia coincided with greater willingness to put some food IN that little fist when he put it in his mouth. Until now, he's been a reluctant self-feeder.



Linda B

My daughter just started to do that with her entire fist and I gotta say that it's pretty annoying. She'll be gagging in the carseat and my husband and I will whip around in the fear that she may be choking on something... only to see her chubby fist shoved in her tiny mouth. "SIGH"

This stage must end soon.

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