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Cat, Galloping

I'm so bummed. I was hoping we could take advantage of DST to start putting Gatito to bed at 7:00 instead of 6:00 but something about the rhythm of the day, I guess, we could barely hold him till 6:15. Oh well.


More proof you are in fact a goddess--I was lying on my daughter's bedroom floor last night trying to get her to sleep, I thought, I am emailing Moxie the minute this kid is down to ask her to address the daylight time issue!

Mine is flirting with ending the morning nap, and I thought there would be none today but now she's quiet. I do think DST is going to do it for her. And nighttime. OHHHHH nightime. FURY and foot stomping and screaming, from my normally excellent-at-going-to-bed kid.


It's funny, with all his little sleep idiosyncracies he's also pretty flexible. Last spring was a nightmare, but these days he's just as likely to not take a nap as take one, with little effect other than crankiness at the end of the day and sometimes difficulty finally getting him to sleep for the night. So Sunday we just did our usual thing at the usual time, and he was out about a half hour later than normal. I had to wake him yesterday, but that's pretty normal too.


Even big kids struggle! My 10 yr old daughter got so messed up that she was up until 1:00 am. I let her sleep until she woke up at 9:00am --- she usually wakes up on her own at 6:00am. We are all having a hard time getting up at 6:30 because it is now dark again. How can 1 hour difference wreak so much havoc!!???!! I have found in about a week we are all fine again.


See?? See?? THIS is exactly why Indiana should never have switched!! Stupid DST. It MAKES NO SENSE. Where were the "think of the children" people when I needed them?

(And also? That whole switch can make grownups fussy as well - as this was the first time I've ever had to deal with this whole clock switching thing. Gr.)


We got really lucky. Miss M slept until 7:45 (the new time--would have been 6:45 old time), and from there we had a regular day, aided by morning of running around the park and a 12-2:30 nap, so dinner at 6/nurse at 7:30/in bed by 8 was usual. I thought she would get riled by the fact that it wasn't "dark" dark at 7:30/8:00, but not so far.

I am dreading the middle of the summer, though, when it's not even dusky at 7:30. She has her notions, you know?


I hate DST. It sucks. We don't have that many problems -- we sort of split the difference at bedtime and the kids get sleepy when they have to wake up earlier, so they push it the rest of the way back themselves -- but I hate DST completely independently of children and the issues related thereto.

Blegh. Phooey. Yuck.

[God, I'm tired and cranky. Why oh WHY is the sun not where it's supposed to be at this hour of the day? And what am I going to do next year, when the government switches the clock back in mid-march and my kids' 7:10am bus time becomes SIX fricken TEN AM? I HATE DST.]


We have HUGE problems with the time change. It seems, illogically, to throw the sleep schedule – nighttime and naps – off by far more than an hour. We are going on day number 2 of NO NAP at all, and my little miss is showing no signs of going down early for the night. Last night she went down at the regular time, albeit with no nap, and was up at 5am for about 2 hours. The day before, she slept until 10am.

I can't see any rhyme or reason, just total sleep schedule chaos, which is also what I remember from last year. Before I had a kid I loooooved DST, but now I am ambivalent at best. And very, very tired!


I tried being proactive and moving everything (wake-up time, naps, and bedtime) 10 minutes earlier each day for the week before the time change. It worked pretty well. She's still slower to fall asleep at bedtime and naptimes, but it seems less painful than trying to make her adjust by an hour at once.

Brooklyn Girl

I really can't believe how much a single hour has screwed The Boy up. He's sleeping an hour later in the morning (which seemed a godsend) but the later wake-up has destroyed his morning nap. And hence the rest of the day. I'm going to try to give him a few more days to try to sort it out on his own, but then I might just start waking him up earlier in the morning. Good grief!


I'm not sure if it's DST or the fact that her father is on a business trip, but for the past two days, Madam doesn't want to go down. At all. And going down was never the trouble before. Despite our solid bedtime routine, and her own exhaustion, she's been staying up until midnight for the last two nights! So that's two nights of me pacing in the dark, singing, for 4 hours or more. Bleh.

So. Tired.


Monica, you might want to give up on it, bring her out to the living room with you, and doze on the couch with the lights low and the TV on low (on something soothing and boring like Food Network or the workout channel). Even if she doesn't fall asleep right away, it's better than pacing for four hours.

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