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Moxie, Can you clarify about the pumping/milk production issue? It sounds like the baby is using night nursing to get some big chunk of calories, and that Audrey was worried about a decline in milk production and/or engorgement. If the baby did sleep through, would you have any recommendations re: pumping or otherwise?

I know, I know, I don't need this information in the slightest, but my old anxiety about milk production (I had perpetual problems) reared its head, and I was bitten by the curious bug.



Good question. I think it's not going to be such a huge issue for her baby, as he's already 11 months old. When we did this a few weeks ago, my son just staretd nursing a lot more during the day. He'd hardly been nursing during the day for a few months before that, just enough to keep himself hydrated. Now he's flipped it and nurses a ton in the morning and at night, and one or two more long (20 minutes for him is long) sessions during the day. My guess is that Audrey's going to need to pump after the first morning feed to get completely empty and keep up her supply, and that her son will probably drink that milk during the day. She may want to do a longer pumping session at work, too, to make up for the flip-flopped times of demand.


Sounds good, thanks for the info!


When our son was waking up too much at night, I actually went and slept at the neighbor's house one night. I was that desperate for a good night's sleep, and it worked great for us. He went back to sleep for my husband without milk, when I could never seem to do it. I don't remember how old he was... something around 8 months I think.

Her Bad Mother

We're currently conducting this very experiment in our household, in a desperate effort to get me some sleep (sleep conditions recently went from manageable to disastrous when Baby outgrew both bassinet and swaddling at once, overnight). Last night, first night, went well, but I only absented myself after first night feeding (around 2am). Tonight we'll try to go all night, after a late 'dreamfeed,' maybe around 11.

We tried this once before, when Baby was around 12 weeks old, and it didn't work - she was hungry but rejected the bottle and freaked out. We're more hopeful, now that she's older and able to go longer between feeds. Last night she woke up once after I was gone but resettled without a feeding. All very hopeful. In a day or two I'm planning to post on my blog about how its going - figners crossed that it's a happy post...


I have another question about this, as I have been searching for a plan of some sort in the last few days. My baby, 7 mos old, sometimes goes into a fit if daddy comes to her at night-time. so most of the times we end up nursing even when i know she's not really hungry because the last time before that was just an hour or two earlier. she takes bottles during the day (from dad and the babysitter) but not at night. How would you recommend trying this? we are not co-sleeping (well, at least not officially. she usually get to our bed early in the morning), and there is an extra bed in her bedroom...

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