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When you said you can sometimes "smell the difference" in the baby's poop, you weren't kidding! My toddler has had many of the symptoms you describe, and when she is cutting molars, her stools smell like adult vomit. I am not kidding. It's enough to make me want to fumigate the room after changing one.

Also, Tylenol is hardly "liquid sleep." (Benedryl, on the other hand...)


Wow, that list of teething symptoms is eye-opening. I think my son is teething! It never even crossed my mind, because he's only about 11 weeks, and I didn't cut a tooth until I was nine months old. He has every symptom except any obvious signs of actual pain - yelling out, fussiness, etc. He does get pissed when he can't quite get the fist to the mouth, though. Maybe we're in the early stages.


Ah, the teeth. Teething has by far been the worst thing we've encountered in our 2.5 years as parents, mostly because our daughter's teeth take forEVER to come in... a few times they've actually poked through slightly, then receded! only to cause more agony on re-entry.

With each cutting, we have weeks or months of intense crankiness and clingyness, poor sleep, yelps of pain, bloody gums... and though Hylands' tablets take the edge off, and Tylenol helps a bit, the only thing that lets our kid sleep for more than 3 hours straight at night is ibuprofen. Perhaps because it has anti-inflammatory qualities that acetaminophen does not. (?)

I give her Hyland's during the day to help calm her and ease the general crankiness, and then use motrin at night. I really don't like giving her motrin once a day for weeks at a time... I too take years to go through a bottle of Advil. But her pain and our sleeplessness were both acute. And I have to say, it substantially improved our quality of life during the Reign of Teething Terror.

Luckily, not all kids experience this! We're thrilled to be in the final leg of teething, ourselves: only some two-year molars left. Her pain tolerance seems to have increased with age, as well - the later teeth were not so excruciating.

The big lesson, though, was just how delightful one's child can be when she's not in pain! I recommend that folks try out different ways of alleviating pain, starting with the homeopathic remedies... they might be surprised to find that their child is considerably more charming than they had originally presumed.

PS - an "interesting" (read: possibly crazy) guy in line at the post office one day lectured me about giving my child calcium and other mineral supplements (manganese? can't recall), and swore that they would completely eliminate all teething pain. I couldn't find anything to corroborate this, but would be interested if anyone else has heard of such things.

Sorry for the long comment. Can you tell my life has revolved around this topic for awhile?! Yikes.


Funny, Advil did not work for us. Tylenol took the edge off when we knew she was in the midst of a bad stretch (but we hated to medicated in the middle of the night when she woke crying--it could have been teeth, stomach, anything); Orajel (yes, bad parents) was good for middle of the night screams.

But the only thing that really truly worked was nursing. There was a 2 week stretch of biting (like you mentioned), but after that it was the only thing that could soothe her enough to put her back to sleep and keep her that way....for a few hours.

One more "symptom" I'd mention--at least it seemed to be for us--was unexplained restlessness during sleep. Because of all the night nursing at this time, she was with us in bed for long stretches and we noticed that she was doing a lot of moving. She'd wind up perpendicular to us. It wasn't peaceful!

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