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I can only volunteer what worked when I was three: my mom told me that monsters lived in the closet, but they couldn't open the doors from the inside. They could only come out if I opened the doors and when we shut the doors, they had to go home. So, every night as part of the routine, we'd herd the monsters into the closet and shut the door. It worked. And, of course, to this day, I cannot sleep in a bedroom with open closet doors. Somehow, I think my mom would say that the side effect was worth it.


I use a can of RID (it has an excellent stop sign graphic) as monster spray. On the nights when the monsters are threatening I shake up the can, and make a convincing spraying noise with my mouth.

I "spray" the whole room, the closet and a few feet into the hall.


When I was little, my father always blew the bad things out from under the pillow. He lifted up the pillow and blew and all of the bad things went away. He told me that he knew it really worked because his father did it for him when he was young. Hopefully, I will be able to do that for my own children one day.


Another reader wrote in that they have been playing her daughter's harmonica before bed to scare away the monsters. One night she heard her daughter blow the harmonica a little in the middle of the night! So it must be an excellent monster-scarer.

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