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    Short PDF ebooks on specific parenting topics, in-depth and focused

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Today's post has helped me more than anything else so far. I bought The Wonder Weeks and do find it helpful to some extent, but it is written in a bit of a negative way in my opinion. I have had a hard time reading it because of that. Your blog has been fantastic for me though because you are so encouraging, helpful and knowledgeable. You really laid out those "sleep regressions" in an understandable way. Having just passed through 8 weeks of horror surrounding the 8 month mark I can testify that your advice was sorely needed and appreciated. Thanks again!


Yes, everything Katie just said and more. I was just marveling to my husband how well you lay out all this information. I have a son who seems to spend 4-6 weeks going through each developmental spurt. It doesn't always effect his night sleeping so muc has his daytime sleep. He is 54 weeks old now, but was born 2 1/2 weeks late, so he has been gearing up and going through this spurt for a couple of weeks. This unfortunately means less than an hour of total daytime sleep here.

Anyway Moxie. I. Heart. You.

Cat, Galloping

Thanks Moxie. Agree the Wonder Weeks (which I bought on your recommendation) is extremely fascinating. I was a psych major in college and had an entire developmental class on age 0-2 which, of course, at the time i found *excruciatingly* boring!

One thing about the Sparkplug site: If complain to your husband that the site gave you stupid advice when it told you to put your baby on the floor instead of a softer surface for tummy time and your baby dropped his head and slammed it into the floor and cried and cried, your husband will ask you if the advice was stupid or if maybe it was the person who *followed* the advice that was stupid. I'm just saying.


Where did you guys find The Wonder Weeks?

I couldn't find it at the library or in town, so I ordered it through Amazon. And they keep pushing back the ship date (it's been well over a month). Seriously, she'll have already passed these times at the rate they're going.


It looks like it's in stock at the publisher.


I wonder why Amazon and Powells are both backordered.


Is another part of sleep regression a truly weird nap schedule -- some days it seems like he's got days and nights all mixed up again... Please tell me this (a) is normal and (b) will pass.


Oh, ValleyGal, it can affect sleep at all times of the day, and eating even. It's almost (for my second, although not so much for my first) like a full-system shut-down for a week or so while he's working on something new.


Yes, yes, yes! Naps were even worse than night for us during a regression. Still are.


I got my 'Wonder Weeks' through Powells.com but it was a month or so ago. Maybe they are both backordered because Moxie keeps recommending it. ;)

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