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Thank you so much for this! The advice was exactly what I needed--I'm due to have my second child in 2 weeks, and my 3 y.o. daughter has not been herself. Not so much with the punching and screaming (although there has been some of that) but just generally whining and being tyrannical and suddenly being MUCH more clingy, when she has never before batted an eye at going to school. I knew it had to do with the new baby but had no idea if I was handling it all right or if I needed to start a therapy fund now. I'm glad we have basically been doing the right thing and that there is a sequence of events that will likely occur.

I love what El Chico said. "But Mom!" What a great way to teach a kid that it's okay to own his emotions.


Oh Jessica, you're so sweet! I can't tell you the number of times I've ALREADY said to my kids, "But you just WANTED me to do that! Shut up and deal with it."


Oh boy. And I was worried that Polly would be too little when #2 was born and that I wouldn't be able to explain to her about her little sibling. Sounds like maybe we could skip the emotional build-up to baby day? Oh please, oh please let it be so, because the other stages you describe already scared me - except for the last one, of course.


Menita, I think she'll be too little. I don't know anyone who's had kids as close as yours will be (15 months?) who had to deal with jealousy or the same buildup before the birth.



My friend had her girls 15 months apart, and she had no problems with jealousy before the birth. In fact, she said she doubted Girl#1 even knew anything was different until her belly became so big she couldn't hold her comfortably (#1 kept pushing her belly and saying, "Off! Off!").

After? Well, that was another story. . . :)

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