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This is definitely something I'm concerned about, with my similar history of depression. I'm looking forward to these posts!

Jen (yup, another one)

Thanks, Moxie. Can't wait for the rest.


I am looking forward to these posts! I am still, one year out, having a hard time finding my tribe and have trouble believing that the ONLY cool moms live in the computer!

beaver girl

Can PPD kick in later? Like, just as a random example, at like 4 months. Asking for a "friend".


Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you in advance, and in the moment for this whole blog and being you. You are keeping my freak-out levels quite low. :)

Claire Gee

Beaver girl,
I have never had PPD, but I think I know a fair ammount about it. Because I have several relatives with a psyc history (including my twin) I was pretty nervous about my 3 pregnancies, and educated myself, and those around me, on what I might be dealing with.
The answer to your question is yes, it can kick in some time down the track. You can also develop PPD in subsequent pregnacies even if previous ones have been straightforward.
I hope things work out with your friend and that she gets appropriate help and support.

Moxie, your candour is fantastic. My twin in particular lives with quite a bit of stigma. The more people who are open and honest about mental illness, the better for those that deal with these issues everyday. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your honesty.


Looking forward to this. I'm so clueless about all of it...


Moxie (or anyone else reading) I'm curious what people have to say about eating your placenta as a method of warding off PPD. I had PPD with #1, and when theoretical #2 comes along, I'm willing to take any/all steps to skip the PPD if I can.

And for Beaver Girl, my PPD didn't get into full swing until the 3-4mo mark - so yes that "late" and onset it realistic.


Thanks so much for writing your thoughts on this! I think I had/have PPD from my first birth, but it gets a little confused because I had the "tragedy" of a baby who died soon after birth mostly due to labor trauma.

I'm finally getting ready to try for #2 and really like your description of "good birth" on your next post. It was very affirming to think of how even a planned c-section at 36 weeks (or an emergency c-section earlier- those are my two likely birth scenarios) can still be a good birth and set the stage for a post partum period that will be less likely to include PPD. (I am expecting to regreive the loss of my daughter and normal hormonal swings, but would like to avoid PPD).


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