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"You are the perfect mother for your baby"

That one statement felt like it was meant for me. I really needed to hear that today. Thank you.
And really, even if you aren't depressed, maybe just "blue", every mother needs to hear that. It can't be said often enough.

The fact that you made sure to put that in this post is what makes you wonderful and why I have a crush on you.


Moxie: will you marry me?
I'm going to write these notes on index cards and hand them out to my family and friends. I have no taste for chocolate right now but with 7 weeks to go I think I can force some down.


See?? I'm capable of a loving, gushing comment.

Jen (yup, another one)

Wow! I've been on the flaxseed plan for over a month now but didn't know about the chocolate. Now that I've passed the 3-hour GTT I will gleefully add chocolate to my list!


YES!!! FLax seed oil and chocolate!

No Nym

Beware fish oils and fish as supplements for Omega-3s. Farm raised fish are usually fed corn and as a result have lower Omega-3s than their wild caught brethren. And their wild caught brethren have higher Hg levels.


Hi Moxie,
Do you have a recommendation on the best place/deal to get flax seed oil? I looked on gnc.com and they had 60 capsules @400mg for 10.99--sounds like I'd have to take several a day (and it's got other stuff in it--borage oil, 200mg and microalgae oil 400mg). Is it best to get 100% flax seed?

Thanks, in advance.

Jen P

I took to chocolate with wild abandon after passing my glucose tests in pregnancy but I've got to argue...

That whole sleeping thing. Yeah.

I took both Flaxseed oil 1000mg and Fish Oil (Organic pricey Canadian stuff) 2000mg a day in pregnancy AND to this day...

and we're still up 9 times a night. So no one go planning on a super sleeping. It's allllllll in the temperament and/or gastric diseases.

I was advised to add in a Folic Acid vitamin 800mcg because my prenatal was very, very low in it despite being marketed as 'for pregnancy'. Especially if you have a family history of ancephaly, spina bifida (both occur in our families) and other related neural diseases.

A naturopath reccomended (pardon spelling no sleeeeeep) Sprirulina (either in capsules or powder with yoghurt) as she believed it to be a perfect supplement for anyone and I did buy some but stopped taking it as it make my Morning Sickness a nice foresty shade of green. I should start taking it again.

Lovely post Moxie.


Julie, I just buy my flax seed oil capsules (plain flax seed oil caps, 1,000 mg) at Whole Foods. I think I pay maybe $7 for 180 of them.


It's not insane to get your EFAs from flax meal. 1T. of flax meal weighs ~8g, approx. 3.2g of which is fat. We put it in smoothies, or occasionally sprinkle it over oatmeal.


cool i like what you have to wrgiht


I'm with Janet. I needed to hear that I am the perfect mother for my baby. I've heard that breastmilk is the perfect food for him from all the internets and since I've had trouble making enough and have to supplement w/ formula I sometimes feel like a failure as a mama. That one sentence really made a difference.

Thank You.


Your paragraph on PPD made me cry. You hit on every reason I was afraid to get help when I needed it most. I'm so glad I'm here to say Thank you.


The other day we picked up a bottle of flax seed oil at the store and I said to Partner, we better consult Moxie about this-- and here's our consultation.

I think I'll get some next time I am at that store! If I take it and get pregnant on this next round of IVF, maybe you can also add flax seed oil as good for pregnancy attempts...


Two in one: make your oatmeal, then, while it's hot, sprinkle in several spoonfuls of ground flax seed meal.

kim m

ok...i am a nursing mother and i have been taking omaga3,6,9 supplements and a multivitamin for some time now. I recently read an article about not taking borage oil supps if nursing...but it didnt say why...can anyone answer as to why i shouldnt be doing so??


Hi Kim M. Here's what I found on Kellymom.com about borage:

Use this herb with care as it is potentially toxic - if you use it, it is recommended that you ensure that it's prepared by an experienced herbalist. Borage leaves, when prepared properly, appear to be an effective galactagogue. There is at least one tincture designed for increasing milk supply that contains borage (among other things) that is commercially available .

That's right here:

It looks like it's a fear of improperly processed leaves that makes it a no-go for nursing.

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