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Cat, Galloping

Thanks for the recommendations! I actually love my bjorn at the moment, though the kid's only 14 pounds.


I have a Hotsling, and it worked great when she was smaller and it was warm, so I wasn't wearing a milion layers (I also dig the cool fabrics--I cannnot get into the crunchhy granola slings at all). I second your dislike of the NoJo. We have friends that actually like theirs, so I used it and it killed my neck and back after about an hour's use. I am having less luck with the Hotsling now that she's bigger and we're both needing to bundle op for walks, though.


I love my sutemi, but alas, it does not work in the back carry for me. But, I have back issues, and the front and hip carry work wonderfully. I haven't used my ring sling in ages (taylormade), but loved it when he was smaller.

If I have another, I'm getting an ellaroo.


What do you think is the best carrier for the plus-sized woman? Baby Becoming (a site for plus sized pregnant women) sells this sling ( http://www.babybecoming.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=1&Category_Code=Baby)
but it looks like the padded kind.

I want to use a sling (you know, if this kid gets born) but ideally one that could be transfered between my full-figured body and my hubbie's and best friend's scrawny bodies (what, you think I won't make them carry the baby? Think again).

Thanks. I've been meaning to ask you about this anyway!


Cec, I'd see if someone you know has a sewing machine. Then I'd make two slings--one for you (just use a slightly longer piece of fabric), and one for the scrawny twins.


Being on a budget with two of most things (not everything, but that's for another day), we opted for the Snugli. It's a less expensive version of the Bjorn, but has three different carry positions. The kids LOVE them, although our big boy is beginning to grow out of his at only 6 months old, which is a drawback. Also, it works well with my frame (short and stubby) and hubby's build (tall, athletic, broad) as well.

If only I could've found something to carry BOTH my kids at once that I could trust. I saw a couple of those carriers but COME ON!


Yay, thank you so much for answering! My darling, darling child screams her tiny head off in the pram until I have a near nervous breakdown. The bjorn is starting to paralyse my neck so it's time for something new. And despite what my family say I will NOT leave her in the pram to scream and cry. Oh my Mother will think I've gone completely off the rails when she sees me wearing le baby in a beautiful fabric sling! I can't wait!

Jen (yup, another one)

Thanks SO much for the awesome link to the sling pattern. I think even I, with my very, very, very rusty 7th grade home ec sewing skills, can do that. I love slings but the padded one I've got is not comfortable (and at this point I only use them when watching other people's kids - can't imagine the torture with my own kid all the time).

What do you think of pouch (non-adjustable) slings? My friend swears by her Kangaroo Korner, but I'm not convinced (esp. because this kid will be a late spring/summer babe and fleece in DC in the summer? Ha. Ha. Ha. But they also make cotton ones.)


I've never tried the KK, but people I know rave about it, and I have never heard anyone complain. The fleece doesn't make any sense to me for the summer, so I'd probably go for cotton, too. Of course in DC you'd probably want a dehumidifying sling. If only they made them.


I used a Korean variation of the Mei Tai -- the Podegai. It is great and works for a bigger baby back carry too, and comes in cool, asian-inspired fabrics. The back-carry does take a little practice to use, though.


A friend of ours had a hotsling for her one-year-old (our daughter was 2 1/2 at the time) and she loved it, swore by it. She even tried out our daughter in it, who was about twice the size of her son, and it worked great for both of them. I am totally getting a hotsling for my next kid! I have a Bjorn which I like for a brand-new kiddie, but agree isn't as versatile as it should be. I also got a Dr. Sears one and it SUCKS. Is that the NoJo one? My kid HATED it. Even at 6 weeks old she was clear that she would have none of it.


I actually like the older design Ergo a bit better than the newer one- as a small scrawny person it fits better. And you can get it for $55 at ergobabycarrier.com. My DH prefers the newer design, though.

I am so in love with the Ergo- we use it every single day. Lately we've been doing a back carry, and it's a great workout strolling the mall or going on walks.


In the suburbs, I never had need for a sling or a carrier. If I am going to walk somewhere, chances are it's more than a couple of blocks, so the stroller was better. We used the stroller all the time to hold our son while we did yard work, watered the garden, tended the flowers, etc. I liked that it had a sun shade and I could park him under a tree while we were in the sun.
When we went farther from home, I needed to take the car (and the car seat), so a stroller worked better there or we put our son in the cart at the store.
We just never seemed to need a carrier. It was summer and hot out, so I don't think it would have been fun for anyone.


Carrie, it's funny that you say that, because I have a friend in the suburbs who has only used a stroller once or twice. Her girls were both little tiny things, so she either carried them in a sling or later in a backpack or they were in the carseat or shopping cart. Isn't it funny how different people develop different patterns?


I have a MeiTai carrier. It is beautiful, and it works really well. I use it often.

Jan Andrea

You are a sweetie for linking to my pattern -- I hope a lot of people sew their own slings with it :)

I recently bought a bunch of carriers, nevermind that my daughter is rapidly approaching the point where she won't be interested in being worn (she's almost 2.5). I got a Hotsling, which is great -- the leg padding is quite nice and unobtrusive; a Kozy, which is a mei tai, and extremely comfy for long walks (I'm sort of wrap-impaired); and a brand-spanking-new Maya Tie (basically a Frankenkozy, done with Corinna's help and permission), which is also quite comfortable for long outings. I was lucky enough to be able to splurge on those (sling-sewing income, yay!) but there are pattern links to those or similar projects from my site.

laura Camacho

Another Ergo-type carrier is the Becco Butterfly. It's fairly new on the market, comes in a variety of hip patterns, has a sleeker profile than the Ergo, and thanks to a built-in "saddle" you can use it from birth without buying an additional insert.

The thing I didn't like about the Becco (I trialed it for a babywearing panel I was on - I'm an Ergo girl myself) is that it's not as easy to get the baby in and out of it. HOWEVER, because the baby is actually strapped into the carrier, you can switch between users. BUT...it seems like it would be harder to nurse in the Becco (not that it's real easy to nurse discreetly in an Ergo).

My husband thought the Becco distributed our toddler's weight more evenly; I couldn't really tell a difference.

There are a lot of pros and cons, but the Becco is worth mentioning. It has some strong advantages over the Ergo, but (like all carriers) those advantages can also be hangups as well.

hth. :)


I loved my Mobywrap--I'm a bigger gal and my son is very tiny, so the sling never felt all that comfortable for us. Sam had awful reflux and wouldn't tolerate being held in the cradle position, but the Moby made it easy for me to wrap him upright against me even when he was under 8 pounds. For months he would take his best and longest naps in the Moby, and I don't know how I could have taken plane trips without it--we'd just pace up and down the plane with him wrapped up until he fell asleep. Now that he's a year old I tend to use the Ergo and put him on my back.


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Jane Scruggs

We got a bjorn free as a hand me down, and I nurse in it daily. Not sure why you're saying one can't; I just pop a boob in his mouth and we're good!

That being said, my shoulders do ache a bit, and I'm going to try to find a used Ergo soon.

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We got a bjorn free as a hand me down, and I nurse in it daily. Not sure why you're saying one can't; I just pop a boob in his mouth and we're good!


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