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oh yeah, the sleeping on the chest thing was a favorite at our place. i felt weird about it the first few times because it had been drilled into my head that BABIES ARE NEVER TO SLEEP ON THEIR BELLIES EVER OR THEY WILL AUTOMATICALLY DIE.

eventually, i relaxed. i've relaxed about a lot of things.

beaver girl

Please add your famous advice to never tell anyone where the baby is sleeping!

I heart sleep week.


The 2-3-4 thing solved so many issues for me - now we do a 3-3.5-4 thing and it's working equally as well.

I think that as babies grow into toddlers, a new set of sleep issues arise, and our main issue seems to still be bedtime. Naptime is easy - we nurse, rock in the glider for a second, and place in crib. No problem. At nighttime, we must pat for almost an hour before we can leave the room. It's draining.

I'm looking forward to the discussion this week!


Very interested in Sleep Week! My first son was about as good a sleeper as you get for a little one so my second's been a shock of reality. Lately just as things finally get predictable with him (i.e. the same thing for a week) it all changes again - of course!

Don't know you but enjoying the blog a lot so far. =)


Thank you. I will be reading avidly, hoping I am not the only one whose son (almost 11 months) will only sleep attached to my nipple.


Sleep Week...Sooooo much better than Shark Week.

Thanks for this, Moxie. Our twins are embarking on the 5 month mark and we're beginning to notice a marked change in their sleeping habits.

I'll be reading with eyes wide open.


lisa, trust me, you're not. :)


The not telling people part? Yeah, took me 8 months to learn to just start lying to people. Moxie, please just move in with me and talk me through the next, say, five years or so.

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