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Now why do I feel like hugging you while saying "Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry" and laughing hysterically at you all at once?
But mostly I want to hug you.

boxing octopus

thanks for the plugged duct tip!


Ah, flaxseed oil for clogged ducts. Makes sense! I have the prenatal with the oil supplement, but of course I've been forgetting to take those.

I seem to have multiple roving clogged ducts. I think from all the pumping the LC had me doing when I used the nipple shield. I've had the lumps and pain since Friday, so maybe I should just check in with the lactation consultant. I've never had mastitis but your description makes me want to avoid it. Best of luck to you, fellow infant nurser!

Thanks for the chin to duct tip. Feels like needle driving into nipple, no?


I am heartily ashamed to admit this, because I do feel your pain, but I thought your husband's take on the Orb of Nutrition was hilarious.


Plugged ducts are horrible - I hope your little one wins that battle. Feel better soon, Moxie.


I will put my LC hat on just for a minute, to say that usually infectious mastitis descends with a bang -- out of nowhere you have sore breast plus fever/achiness/the "how'd that truck hit me when I didn't see it coming?" feeling. Plugged ducts are painful and frustrating, but in most cases they don't progress to systemic infections. Just mentioning it in hopes of diminishing your stress next time.

Now wearing the fellow mom with oversupply hat: much sympathy. Have you tried the trick where you nurse in sidelying from the top (affected) breast? Sometimes it will clear in your sleep that way.

Three hot dogs, huh? Was he trying to be hospitable or sadistic?


Dude--OUCH on the boob thing. So sorry.

But on an unrelated note, why DOES Entourage rock? It's totally sexist, and still the most engaging 1/2 hour on TV. I know it's popular, since my radio station played "Tiny Dancer" twice the next day... heh.


You...with the plugged duct...and the hot sun...and the hot dogs...

Urgh. I am queasy just thinking about it. Stay in the a/c until the heat breaks! Drink flaxseed oil by the quart! I hope the angel wins.


By the way, you've gotten me hooked on flaxseed oil. My nails have never looked better.


I'm sorry Moxie, but this is hysterical. The best thing I've read all week. I know I should feel your pain, but I'm too busy being charmed beyond reason, and wishing we still lived in CT, just so I could take the train into the city to meet you in person.


About the cake thing, you really want one? I saw it today and was kind of ashamed at wanting one, but if New Yorkers are into it, maybe it's not so awful ;-).

Lisa C.

OK, the Orb of Nutrition has been making me laugh since yesterday. That is seriously funny!

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