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I don't have any specific advice for a 5 year old, but I spent 18 months with vaginal itchiness from a series of yeast infections. Finally the itchiness just. didn't. go. away. even when the yeast was gone -- the dr. put me on a very low dose of amitryptaline (sp?) (also called elavil) which eliminated the itchiness and allowed my body to heal. So, if this goes on much longer, I'd recommend you ask your dr. about something like that (if it's not itchy anymore, maybe her body will deal with it.)


Just some thoughts off the top of my head - maybe this could be a reaction to the soap used in the bath and not completely rinsed? Or same with any child wipes like those can-do things? Or conversely, washing too enthusiastically in the tub? Bubble bath? Tub cleaner residue? Could be detergent residue in the underpants if they 'creep up' I would imagine the interior skin is more sensitive than the exterior. I would try double-rinsing the laundry and using a dye/perfume-free detergent.

Hope that may give you some things to consider - I'm sure once the irritation gets going it is a vicious circle of inflammation. Poor girl.


Since Lisa got my first guesses, I'll hand over a few others that occurred to me:

Underpants too tight/too loose
Not wiping well enough

See if some diaper rash ointment takes care of it?


Could her pH be off? It seems like a five-year-old might be old enough to get vaginosis. Has she been swimming this summer?


As her uncle is a celiac, I've looked into a gluten allergy, but gluten appears to be more related to the intestines.

Celiac disease isn't necessarily 'just' a GI problem -- there's also a form called Dermatitis Herpetiformis, which mostly manifests as a rash-like irritation of the skin. It's associated with the same genetic markers as celiac, and seems to be a variant of it; so it might be worthwhile getting her properly tested for celiac, and not just assuming -- especially since the cumulative effects of untreated celiac disease can be pretty nasty.


You could try an acidophilus supplement in case it is yeast or bacteria - just make sure to get the super concentrated refrigerated stuff. While you are waiting for the acidophilus to restore the good bacteria, look up the recipe for all-purpose nipple ointment (it is a breastfeeding thrush remedy but can be used for a million different things - my lactation consultant used it to cure her son's athlete's foot).

If you haven't already, I'd say you should insist that the doctor take a culture.

I have had my share of vaginal irritation and some of things I stay away from to keep it at bay are sugar, synthetic fiber underwear, and toilet paper that sheds (like Cottonelle). Also make sure that you keep perfumed toiletries out of the picture and avoid bubble bath (actually, if you can get rid of baths altogether, that would be best). Get some hypoallergenic body wash like cetaphil or something in case that is an irritant, and switch to a "free & clear" detergent. (More sensitive areas could be irritated by the detergent even if the rest of her skin is not.)


I would look to see if you have a Chiropractor in your area that practices Applied Kinesiology. A DC that works with kids, would be great or at least is kid friendly. They can do "tests" to see if there is any food allergy or sensitivity or if there is anything else that seems to be causing these symptoms. Good luck.


Ouch, poor little sweetheart!!

I'm with Ewokmama here--if they haven't done a culture to definitely rule out yeast, it might be a good idea. When my daughter had a horrible yeast problem at 2, we learned that yeast in a little girl doesn't necessarily look like an adult woman's yeast infection. This was a beet-red, raw/rubbed looking issue, painful enough to make her scream every time she peed and wake her up several times a night. It's easier to get when they're in diapers, obviously, just because of the greater contamination potential, but once it's there it can be hard to clear up without medication. For Mouse, Clotrimazole ointment relieved the pain substantially within 2 days and cleared it up entirely in about 10.

I believe people with a systemic sensitivity to candida can also have other odd symptoms, but I'm no expert on them.

Anyway, you might well be past yeast as a possibility in which case sorry for the repetition...but if not, give it a thought.

Good luck!! That's a really tough problem to have.


I'm going to wholeheartedly second the idea of a bath product. That is EXACTLY what happened to me when I was in a bathtub with Mr. Bubble for even a very short bath. Terrible redness and burning! And yes, on the inside of the labia, not at all on the outside.


There are several skin diseases and vaginal pain diseases that could be the culprit. These are poorly-known enough that your GP/Pediatrician might not think of them (all too many gynocologists aren't particularly aware of them, leading to ongoing undiagnosed pain for many women for years). I very highly recommend "The V Book" by Elizabeth Stewart. Things to consider include conditions like Lichen sclerosus. Do try to switch to a less irritating soap if you're using something like Tide, and to white cotton underpants. Avoid bubble baths. Bike riding and swimming (chlorine) might be irritants.

Vulvovaginal health is a pathetically underdeveloped area, so most suggestions will be hit-and-miss, but do push until you get answers that make sense - and I cannot over-recommend that book, full of useful information every woman should know.

After all that alarming information, do also consider bacterial vaginosis, a condition similar to yeast, also easily cured with an antibiotic and easily diagnosed with a swab - here's hoping your solution is just as simple.


I'm going to second Lisa's suggestions as well as going getting a second opinion from a different doctor. A culture should definitely be taken, even perhaps some blood work. Poor girl, though. I hope this gets resolved swiftly and painlessly.


I'd like to second Ruth. Not only is celiac disease associated with dermatitis herpetiformis, it's also an extremely complicated (and not-too-well-understood) condition that can have effects on pretty much any part of the body you care to name. It's not at all hard to believe that celiac disease could be causing both the vaginal irritation and the mood swings. I have celiac disease myself, and I know that when I eat gluten it makes me prone to mood swings. Maybe you should try cutting gluten out of her diet? If that seems to have a positive effect, take her to a doctor and ask to have her tested for celiac disease (there's a better blood test now than the anti-gliadin antibodies- I don't know what it is but three minutes with Google should be able to figure it out). And not only is celiac disease genetic, seems it occurs in 1% of the population, which is pretty crazy common for a condition like that.

On the other hand (and to second a couple other people up there), I had the same problem myself when I was small (almost exactly your daughter's age, I think), and it wasn't celiac disease at all. It was bubble bath. And couldn't it just be that she's volatile because she's uncomfortable?

Good luck with this, and I hope your little girl feels better soon!

Cat, Galloping

that doctor is an idiot. keep trying different ones until you find someone who figures it out! how about a gynecologist? there are a few who specialize in vulvodynia, which is a generalized term for pain that doesn't have a specific diagnosis.


My daugther gets a similar rash from wearing her wet bathing suit for too long. It goes away by the next day however.
I agree with the above post about seeing another doctor. Also about the bubble bath, try using a little baking soda in the bath and be aware of tubs cleaners. To be safe clean the tub with baking soda.
Maybe her behavioural issues are related to uncomfort, it would make me pretty grumpy.
Best of luck!


I was going to say swimming and bubble baths too... I'll add to that that it might help to have her sleep in a nightie with no underwear for a bit of 'airing out' whether it's yeast or a contact allergy.

The behavioural issues sound like sleep deprivation too, which could be if she's itchy all night. GL!


I'm with the others who say soap/bath product. Happened to me on vaca this summer - used a new to me soap, and for days after it felt like I had a yeast infection - don't know why only my vagina didn't like it, but it was awful.


Hey Moxie, I'm not going to hazard anything here except to second the call for a second (and if necessary, thirs, etc.) opinion. I think it's really important to resolve this for the sake of the child's comfort - I can't imagine getting through the day like that (squirm, squirm) so it must be misery for a little one. I would throw tantrums, too.

Even if they can't isolate the cause, at least they culd rule out other things. I think the "playing with herself" answer sounds pretty poorly thought out if there is no other evidence - does s/he also think it causes blindness...? OTOH, it _has_ been implicated in candida infection (in association with saliva, tho) but it sounds as if the dr. has ruled out infection? I will send you (Moxie) a few recent papers on the possible causes, you can pass on if you think anything is relevant....


My sister had a similar issue as a child, and same as Charisse, it was Mr. Bubble. You could try a pure glycerine soap from the healthfood store. We use that and it does wonders for my son's diaper rash. Also, have you tried any sort of Chamomile tea? Assuming she has no ragweed allergies, chamomile or calendula are great teas for irritations, and they're antiseptic as well. You could put the tea in the bathtub, or if she lets you, pour it on her when it's just room temperature. There are so many good suggestions here already, though, that I bet you'll be able to solve it without that doctor! Good luck! Maybe you can let us know what helped.


I'm so sorry for your little girl. I second (third?) the suggestions for a second opinion. My college roommate had chronic yeast infections and was in terrible pain. I don't know if your daughter has a yeast infection, but I wanted to pass along one suggestion. My roommate always wore cotton underwear and changed them frequently throughout the day. This might make her more comfortable, especially if it's hot and humid where you live. I hope that you can figure out what's going on and she will be feeling better soon!


I want to third or fourth the commenters about the bath. As a little girl, bubble baths, and actually baths in general were awful. I don't remember it much but some of the habits that my mother did carry on today. White cotton panties, no baths, always shower and clean carefully after swimming, especially chlorine, warm water washcloths for wiping whenever possible (at home) be careful with baby wipes/toilet wipes, they contain alcohol for scent and can make it hurt more if it raw. Oddly enough, slepping in a nightgown without panties. Something I have always done because you don't need to create an artificially warm moist place for things to grow at home while you are sleeping. Please take her to a doctor that can help. My son had health issues and we went to 7 different pediatricians before I found one that was willing to do the testing needed to find out what was wrong with him. Trust your gut!

Her Grace

I've had my daughter into the pediatrician three times for similar symptoms (except add frequent urination to the list.) I was told to bathe her ONLY in clear water and to wash her hair standing up, because shampoo is the worst when it comes to irritation.

I've also found that wearing pull-ups at night seems to aggravate the issue, and not drinking enough fluids actually makes the urination issue WORSE (surprisingly).

As for the survey, Moxie, my heart is sinking, because my second weaned at 6 months. I'll be taking the survey and linking to it on my blog as well.


If she has taken antibiotics in the past 6 months or so, I would tend to think it was a yeast infection. Antibiotics really screw up the balance in your system and can cause systemic yeast infections. I take my kids to a holistic chiropractor who was able to diagnose my kids with allergy and yeast problems. The natural supplements she recommended helped tremendously.

That said, I would also look into the possibility of the bubble bath and swimming sensitivities that the others mentioned. It could be a combination of things.


Just a shoutout here for homeopathy. If an elimination program/diet doesn't do the trick, a visit to a professional homeopathic practitioner will probably make quick work of this problem. Best, K

Sarah V.

I've never heard of an allergy presenting in this way, and wouldn't go overboard trying to search for that as a cause. As for possible causes... in the past, I've been to a lecture by a paediatric gynaecologist who advised us that yeast infections in prepubertal girls were rare and that vaginitis at this age is usually caused by lack of oestrogen causing thinning of the skin. She recommended a short course of topical oestrogen cream as the treatment. I've never quite had the nerve to use this on any patient myself, but this did come from an authoritative source so I pass it on. I suspect your own doctor will feel as hesitant as I do about trying such a remedy (more so - at least I *know* I heard this from a qualified consultant whereas, from his point of view, I'm some kook on the web who could be inventing anything), so, rather than push him (her?) to try it, I would recommend that 2nd opinion everyone else is recommending. From a paediatric gynaecologist. (Which, since you're in the US, would presumably be a pediatric gynecologist.)


I'm with the soap/bath group on this one. My daughter has extreemly sensitive skin which gets irritated by everything from bubble bath, body wash, shampoo, lotion, baby wipes, clothing detergent, and my perfume. We use very specific brands of products to avoid irritating her skin. When a 'bad' product does get used on her, her breakouts happen fast and are slow to go away.

I'm so, so sorry your girl is dealing with this. Please go get a second opinion if your doctor isn't helping!


definitely in the "you need a second opinion" camp.

also, just to share my sister has had irritation type issues since she was around 6 or 7. she has found that eliminating all kinds of sugar (from sugary prouducts, fruits, juices etc) has helped regain the balance. its more of a persistent yeast infection and for her only sugar elimination works.


I had some general problems with itchiness/discomfort, and my OB-GYN recommended that I wash all of my underwear with Ivory Snow (or some comparable "baby" detergent) and give them an extra rinse cycle. While it may not solve "the" problem, perhaps it would help a little.
The same doctor also recommended I wear skirts when it's hot and wear looser trousers in general.


I hate to bring up something you said you eliminated, but I think it's cause for worry that behavioral problems started at the same time as an irritated vagina. It could just be a combination of an infection and being uncomfortable. But I'd keep a concerned eye all people who have any time with your daughter when you are not there.

I know you think it's a sad comment on society, but I see it as an informed mother who isn't turning a blind eye. And I think it's great that you are being so vigilant in looking for solutions. You are your child's best advocate and defense. If some of the treatments suggested here don't pan out, maybe potential abuse is something to investigate again.

I hope between a second opinion and some of the great ideas here it clears up quickly. Good luck!


I had the same symptoms at around the same age, and for me it was a combination of two food allergies, coconut (including coconut and palm oils) and citrus. My mom took me off both for a couple of years and everything cleared up. Then at a friend's birthday party I ate a Mounds bar and it all came back in full force. Eventually I outgrew both the citrus and coconut allergies, but I still remember how painful it was to pee (I also was prone to bladder infections, which brought on a whole other host of issues).

The other thing I thought of was some sort of bath product, but that's already been mentioned several times.


Glad there are lots of comments. Hope mine isn't redundant.

1. Get some hypoallergenic body wash like cetaphil
2. Get some Aquaphor and lather it on after bath
3. Bath everyday
4. Sleep in nightgowns, no underwear

My 4-yr-old has similar issues but it's not an infection for us. Once I started the ubove regiment, the problem went away.
Good luck


Just another vote for possible yeast infection .... I had one as a child, it was terrible. There is also a book out there about excessive yeast in the body - it can actually cause mood problems - something about it affecting the body the same way alcohol does? Sorry I can't be more specific. Anyway - It took two doctors to figure it out, but I clearly remember using a cream (probably some kind of Monistat!) a few times a day, and it eventually went away. I'm really irritated at your pediatrician for not only dismissing the issue, but suggesting such a ridiculous cause! I mean, she'd have to be really going to town down there to cause something like that! Sheesh.


I've thought a lot about this since I read it last night. I keep coming back to the same thing.

I have trouble imagining that in this scenario the pediatrician wouldn't immediately be concerned about sexual abuse. (I'm not saying that's necessarily what's happening, just that I can't imagine your ped not needing to consider it as a possibility first and foremost.) This makes me think that s/he must have some specific reason for being convinced that she's doing it herself.

Totally not to discount your mommy-gut-feelings, by the way.

Any chance you could beg borrow or steal a video monitor for a few days and watch her at night to see what all she's up to in there? Just to rule out the ped's idea? I think that's what I'd do.

If I'm understanding your concern correctly, the irritation is not on the outside, but is up inside, right? To me that doesn't tend to support the external irritation (shampoo or soap) theory

Any possibility that she's sticking something in there? (Good grief that sounds ridiculous, but I know my kids find a hole of any kind, and by God, something needs to stuck in there ...) If that thing had some irritating agent on it or if it had a rough texture, I could see her having a reaction.

Poor little one. Would one of the OTC anti-itch creams (Vagistat? is that right?) give her some relief?

Am I the only one who went to take that survey and don't think I can possibly remember all those details? Every brand of formula? How many bottles per day? Ay yi yi. I can barely remember to tie my shoes in the morning some days!


Poor thing! And always trust your mommy instincts!

It may also be irritation caused by the type of underwear. My mother only wears white cotton underwear because if she wears underwear that is either dyed or not 100% cotton, she develops an irritation and has ever since she was a little girl. She also was told to wear either loose trousers or skirts in warmer weather and to sleep without underwear, in addition to the white cotton only underwear rule.

The citrus allergy makes sense, though. I know that when I eat too many citrus fruits (including tomatoes), my 6 month old breastfed daughter develops a "diaper rash", but it's different than her normal diaper rash because it extends to her vulva. I can always tell when it's the citrus fruits because of the way it looks and where it is.


I have a few thoughts, probably similar to everyone else, really:

1) yeast infection - these can be set off by a variety of things, including just having more sugars (including fruits) than her body can manage. Of my two daughters, one is very prone to yeast rashes if she gets too much sugar - for HER. We're not talking loads, but any one dose being more than pretty moderate (!), and she throws a rash, and yes, it is 'inside'. And itchy. Which she then unconsciously tends to rub on (usually while sitting, not with her hands), which makes it worse. I was given the okay to use both probiotics and a mild antifungal topically (talk to your doc about what to use - or a new doc, since this one isn't being very resepectful of your maternal instincts). Yeast rash tends to be pink and shiny, but can also show up as speckled or uneven. Definitely also culture to be sure! (though probiotics aren't a bad plan whenever there's a gyn infection or irritation sign.)

2) soap in bathtub. Though urinary tract infections are the more common result, there's a reason the bubble bath containers now read 'limit use to 10 minutes' or something like that. More than 10 minutes of exposure to soap CAN set off flora imbalance, leading to either yeast or bacterial infection. Bubble bath especially, because there's just more soap in the water at once.

3) citrus or artificial flavors (and coconut could also do this) can cause a slightly speckled pink rash (itchy) at ANY point where tissues come in contact together. Typical for me is in elbow creases and behind knees, don't know that I noticed anywhere else, but it doesn't seem a stretch to imagine sprouting a gyn rash. Behavioral issues also show up from that reaction, for me (though that one falls under the generalized allergy behavior reaction, which is just less tolerance for ANYTHING because there's too much irritation already being processed physically - just like everyone gets snappish when they're uncomfortable for long).

4) Usually rash like that is flora-related, IMHO, and for intolerances, that usually means yeast intolerance (which is linked to yeast infections in some people). But I'm not sure I'd go there initially, either - the relatively sudden onset suggest more direct process than the usually more gradual onset of intolerance reactions (they often are described as having 'sneaked up' on one).

I also ditto taking her to a gyn to be checked, instead of the regular doc. They'll have seen more presentations of various rashes and infections, so are more likely to recognize it immediately.


What everyone else said!

Lever 2000 soap causes similar symptoms in me - it's awful. It really could be as simple as the bath water. Try washing her hair in the sink while she lies on the counter with her head tipped back so you don't have to worry about shampoo contaminating the bath.

I didn't see any mention of yogurt - did I overlook it? Eating yogurt is a huge help with yeast infections - prevention and treatment. Something in the cultures. Assuming it could be a yeast infection...


If soap and such is the culprit:

My husband, son and I all have sensitive skin, and I've been prone to UTIs and yeast infections. We've had good luck with the Seventh Generation laundry detergent, California Babies unscented bodywash/shampoo (for T.), and Shikai bodywash (for the adults). And no bubble bath, for sure.


I second those who've already thought of yeast infections and bubble bath/soap products.

I was in my 20s before I figured out which soaps caused me terrible irritation in that very sensitive area.

Also, I developed an allergy at about that age to artificial cinnamon flavor. To this day, those cinnamon gummy bear candies and Big Red gum give me urine that burns like fire for a day or two after a small taste.

single mom with tiny tot

i recently spoke with a family whose daughter had pin-worms...vaginally. usually they're in the colon and it took them a really long time to convince a doctor to run a test for them. they were only coming out at night and she was itching herself raw as a result. it's worth having them take a look just in case. her doctors were also convinced it was molestation.


Sorry, I'm in a hurry so I don't have time to read all the comments ... Did anyone mention bubble bath or soap?

I used to have this happen to me when I was a child as well. In fact, I still can get a bit of a flare up if I use any sort of bubble bath. My pediatrician gave my mom some sort of ointment for me to use if it got bad, but it was avoided by only using Dove soap on my genital area.

I hope this helps!


Well, there's not much I could add to the already wonderful comments, except to say that I also got quite irritated from bubble baths as a child. Once my mother figured that out we didn't have any more bubble baths.

I'd definitely look into getting a culture done, and perhaps seeing a different ped for a second opinion. Poor girl, I hope you figure it out soon!


Soaps cause irritation for me in that area -- I never use soap, just a good gentle rinse in the shower, but if she's sitting in bathwater the shampoo or soap residue very well could be it.

Will she tolerate running around the house in a dress with no undies? Getting air to the area may help a lot.


Another Mr. Bubble victim here. Ivory soap and dye/scent-free detergent is good stuff. Hope this gets sorted out soon.

And now, since we've reached the limit of my very, uh, limited knowledge of this subject, I'm going to switch gears a bit. Going with the beginning of Moxie's post - i.e. the part related to breastfeeding - I thought you might all enjoy a post from a male blogger about all of the helpful information he picked up in breastfeeding class. Click on my name to read it.
I'll give you a bit of a preview here:
"What goes in must come out. The breastfeeding class took special glee in showing us graphic photos of baby bowel movements. You almost feel sorry for the baby expert charged with being the visual documentarian of newborn shit. The first one, they told us, will look like black tar. The picture showed what appeared to be burned off coal mixed with the black oil from X-Files. That, we were told, is the evil that babies must shed from the tiny ass to make their sleeping, tender livers awaken."


I'm going to second the call for yogurt, as it's something you could try on your own, whilst waiting for a doctor's appointment, and it won't do her any harm if it turns out not to be a yeast infection. Eating live yogurt is good, but when I have a yeast infection, I find that live yogurt (very important - live natural yogurt) on a tampon is the only way to go. Not that I'm suggesting that you give your 5 year old a tampon, but perhaps applying yogurt with your little finger to the infected area would help. At the very least, it cools and soothes discomfort - at best, it restores the natural balance of good bacteria in the vagina and solves the problem entirely! Good luck, and get well soon for your daughter


I suffered for several years with vaginal irritation that presented as lichen sclerosis (although I did not know that might be it for a LONG time.) My gyno tried things, I tried things (avoiding certain soaps, etc.) and my internist tried things. Finally, I turned to Dr Google, and got the idea it might be lichen sclerosis. I also emailed my problem to a good "sex blogger" and her commenters were EXTREMELY helpful. The BEST things that was suggested and that WORKED was to find a dermatologist. I finally found one who would see that part of my skin: Dr Pariser of Eastern VA Medical School. And yes, I had students doing a differential diagnosis of my vagina. Its one of those "you haven't lived until.." moments! He prescribed an ointment-- Vytone, which is hydrocortisone- iodoquinole, and now it is pretty much all better. If I had actually had lichen sclerosis it would not have gotten better completely with that treatment, but it turned out to just be lichen vulgaris. So long as I avoid irritants (all the things other posters mentioned) and drink plenty of water, I am fine.

I figured out that what I did that probably triggered the irritation that snowballed was use vaginal wipes. That was after Hurricane Isabel, we had neither power nor water, and I was so *proud* that I had thought to stock up on the wipes... and then I suffered for 3 years!

NEVER use anything on your vagina or your daughter's vagina except for water and maybe cetaphil. It is a self-cleaning organ-- water is all you really need!

Now our hurricane kit has some jugs of "bathing water."

Anyone wanting further tips for coping with this kind of condition can email me and I am more than happy to fill you in on my strategies.


Just gonna hop on board the combined soap/yeast bandwagons. The yeast book, BTW, I believe is called "The Yeast Syndrome." No idea if it's yeast/sugar based, but if you want another thing to google, look up Candida or Candidiasis, or systemic yeast infection. I've yet to decide whether I think this is good science, but I also know that some people are much more in thrall to carbs than others, so I'm giving it some consideration.

My heart goes out to your little girl (and her parents). Trust your intuition, and get all the second opinions you need.


marion, I read your link and nearly peed myself! Very funny.


Man, Mr. Bubble was some toxic sh*t! Another victim here.

Karen C.

Not much to add, but I wanted to post a follow-up warning to the comment by (I think it was) Ewokmama....APNO contains a topical steroid (betamethasone); I'm not sure it is approved for use on mucos membranes (such as vaginally or orally). Betamethasone is used here as an anti-inflammatory, but it has the side effect of thinning skin and can cause ulcers in suseptible individuals. I used APNO for 2 months for a breast fungal infection, developed a severe ulcer, and nearly lost my nipple as a result. i think APNO is great, but should be used with caution and only short-term.


Candida. ("yeast" infection) Totally. Especially with that behavioral change mentioned. check out pecanbread.com and bodyecology.com. I've been fighting it with grapefruit seed extract and a super-yeast-killing probiotic called HLC. Awesome stuff.

Alison S

My daughter used to have this now and then, and eventually it resolved on its own (she's 9 now). We never made a firm diagnosis, but she did have threadworms (US = pinworms) many times, including once vaginally, as mentioned above. I wonder how many other times she was scratching her vagina when asleep because of nocturnal worm activity? - just worth considering as a possibility.

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